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The Brief History of Mr.Beer®

Coopers Brewery is a family owned brewery with 150 years of experience behind them, and is the world's largest manufacturer of brewing malts. Mr.Beer®, established in 1993, is the world's largest producer of home brewing systems. Coopers joined forces with Mr.Beer® in early 2012, and thus was born the world's # 1 home brewing powerhouse!

Mr.Beer® brewers score BIG due to this merger! Our 2 gallon kits remained the same, while our malts took a huge leap in quality. Mr.Beer's 550 gram cans of hopped and unhopped malt extracts have been discontinued. We now proudly offer a still-increasing line of all-malt extracts crafted by the brewing geniuses at Coopers. These malts have been thoroughly revised and tweaked to meet Mr.Beer's high standards of quality, ease-of-use, and flavor. Our new refills are now all-malt (Boosters no longer required), and include a larger sachet of high quality yeast, as well as our trusty packet of No-Rinse Cleanser.

New Unhopped Malt Extract flavors will be available soon, as well as other options for customization -- the best part of home brewing! Booster packs are still available, and are a perfect addition to raise our new standard refill's ABV from 3.7% to 5.1%. Our new, ever-expanding line of refills and ingredients increases your opportunity for customization in a clean and simple way. To see how we mix and match these new ingredients, check out our burgeoning collection of new recipes. Or, to keep it basic check out the brand new line of standard all-malt refills.