An apple a day!

Harness the refreshing power of tart, crisp apples and keep your thirst at bay!

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Cider Kit

Hard Cider Kit Basics

  • Fermenter, Lid & Tap Assembly
  • Complete Hard Cider Recipe
  • Plastic 1-Liter bottles w/Caps
  • Labels w/MR.BEER® Logo
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
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What Is Included With Each Kit

Cider Keg

2 Gallon Fermenter

Each fermenter is completely reusable and will hold 2 gallons of delicious hard cider with each batch. It's lightweight and shatter resistant, made from FDA compliant plastic, which imparts no taste or flavor migration. The wide mouth allows for easy cleaning.

Cider Refill

1st Batch of Hard Cider

Our most basic hard cider recipe available. This refill includes traditional hard cider concentrate, yeast and No-Rinse Cleanser.

Alcohol Content: This basic hard cider recipe has an approx. ABV of 4.0%, while our cider w/fruit recipes will produce an approx. ABV of 4.5%.

Cider Bottles

8 Plastic 1-Liter Bottles, Caps and Labels

Each kit includes eight reusable plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, complete with screw caps and labels. These bottles are designed to accomodate carbonated beverages and are FDA approved to hold food & beverage.

The MR.BEER® Hard Cider Kit is
completely reusable,

giving you the freedom to brew batch after batch of distinctive and flavorful hard cider. Our Refills make brewing great cider a snap, while the advanced Recipes allow you to enjoy more complex cider creations, right in your own home. Brew fresh and tasty hard cider in as little as 14 days!

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Refills Available!
Brew a variety of different hard ciders with this kit.

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Yes, you can even brew beer with this kit
But you MUST follow the standard standard brewing instructions (for beer), and keep the keg and bottles out of direct sunlight during fermentation. UV rays can cause the beer to taste "skunky."