Why Choose Mr.Beer

Mr. Beer products are designed to make the hobby of beer brewing simple, clean, time-efficient, and most of all, delicious. With Mr. Beer’s reputation as the world leader in home brewing for over 20 years, it’s no surprise that so many craft brewers, home brew shop owners, and other folks in the beer industry admit to having started the hobby with a Mr. Beer Kit.

All Grain Brewing Extract

Formulated and produced by master brewers at Coopers Brewery in Australia using the highest quality barley and hops.

  • Proprietary brewing yeast that performs well in a wide range of temperatures.

Little Brown Keg Fermenter

Compact, lightweight and is modeled after the design of professional brewing equipment.

  • Wide mouth top opening makes the brewing and cleaning process easier without the need for extra tools.
  • Vented top to release CO2 during fermentation.
  • Locking spigot is specially designed to simplify bottling without extra equipment.
  • Collector sits below spigot to separate unwanted trub from beer during bottling. (Trub – sediment formed during fermentation)
  • Shatterproof, UV-resistant material that is reusable and BPA free.

Reusable Bottles

Allow for a “squeeze test” to ensure the beer is fully carbonated, so bottles can stay completely sealed until they are ready to drink.

  • Shatterproof and specially designed to safely carbonate beer.
  • Carbonation drops are pre-measured drops to make carbonating beer easy, safe, and convenient.