2.5# CO2 Cylinder (Unfilled)

Product: 20-15002-00

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Use this high quality 2.5# CO2 cylinder as a backup for your Kegaroo 2.5 Kegging System or for use in your own custom kegging solution.

This product contains no CO2 and arrives unfilled.

2.5# CO2 Cylinder Features:

  • 2.5lbs. Capacity
  • Aluminum construction
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Brass fittings
  • Product of USA

Please note, you'll have to have this cylinder filled with CO2 at your local gas supply. This ships to you completely empty. If you would like to purchase an already filled cylinder you may purchase our filled cylinder here.

This is a No Free Shipping product - Adding this to an order that qualifies for Free Shipping will make the order no longer eligible. We suggest placing a separate order for this item to avoid the aforementioned issue.