6 Gallon BrewMax® Kits

6 Gallon BrewMax® Kits

Our BrewMax® premium line of beer making kits contain durable, UV-resistant fermenters, designed to industry-leading standards. They also allow for higher capacities of beer and simple clean up. If you’re eager to brew 3 entire cases of beer with each brew batch, our 6G BrewMax® kits are the right choice for you!

Premium Fermenter - 6 Gallon Capacity 

Craft BrewMax® 6G Kit

Craft BrewMax® 6G Kit


  • 6 Gallon, UV-resistant Fermenter & Lid
  • (30) 740-mL Plastic Bottles, Caps and Labels
  • Krausen Kollar with Clips
  • Snap Tap Spigot Assembly and Bottling Wand
  • (3) Cans of Brewing Extract
  • (3) Packets of Yeast (under lids of the Brewing Extracts)
  • (2) Packets of No-Rinse Cleanser
  • (3) Bags of Carbonation Drops
  • Brewing With Mr. Beer How-To DVD (English, Español, François)
  • Detailed Printed Instructions