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June 2015

Beer Recipes

Strawberry Basil Wheat – Barley The Brew Pup June Recipe

June 26, 2015
Strawberry Basil Wheat

Nothing beats biting into a freshly-picked, juicy, delicious strawberry on a warm summer day. As summer nears, it’s time to put my favorite fruit into a crisp, clean, and refreshing drink; you guessed it… BEER! This month’s Barley’s Brew is not only a wonderfully satisfying strawberry wheat, but we will dry hop with fresh basil to give our brew a hint of an earthy characteristic. So share in my adventure and come brew with me! The Recipe: 1 can of…

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Food Pairings

Homemade Corndogs Recipe

June 17, 2015
Homemade Corn Dog

Once that summertime heat starts ramping up, the only thing to reach for in that bucket of ice water is an American Lager. Clean, crisp, and refreshing, I think you’re familiar with the stats on this perennial heatwave favorite. You probably have one in your hand right now. Baseball, football, hockey… even soccer, this beer goes with everything. One pairing you may not have tried is with homemade corndogs. Fun to make with the kids, but also easy to slip…

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Beer Recipes

5 Insanely Great Mr. Beer Recipes All Beginners Need to Try

June 8, 2015
Insanely Great Beer Recipes

If you haven’t already tasted Mr. Beer’s exciting and refreshing recipes, you have got to try our top 5, which are sure to make the top 5 in your book, too! 1. The Voodoo that You Do The name itself provides a very intriguing mystery about what’s to come from this top rated brew. This recipe is well composed, malty and carries a slight trace of zest that will have your taste buds enraptured with a great sensation. The best part…

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Homebrewing Tips

Comparing Different Types of Water for Homebrewing

June 6, 2015

Most often when mixing ingredients for either cooking or drinking, water is a fundamental element in the process. The type of water being used isn’t typically regarded as highly important; however, it can make a huge difference when embarking on the homebrewing process. Just think for a moment about the last beer you’ve tasted. Was it in a bar, restaurant or store? Can you think of the different brands you’ve tasted? Have you considered what makes the tastes different? Well,…

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