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December 2016

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Outstanding Things Mr. Beer Achieved in 2016

December 29, 2016

Why not finish the year by remembering the things that went really well? Seems like a good practice to me. In case you were busy brewing & sipping and happened to miss them, here are some awesome things that Mr. Beer did in 2016. 6 Craft Beer Kits that taste like your favorite craft beer Seriously. Just like it. Mr. Beer designed 6 beer kits with craft beers’ most popular flavor profiles in mind – and nailed it. Our American…

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7 Beers for Celebrating Higher ABV in Tennessee

December 26, 2016
Higher ABV in Tennessee

We heard that a new law goes into effect on January 1, which allows beer and cider brewers in Tennessee to create brews with stronger alcohol content. At the moment the legal limit is 6.2 percent ABV, but the new law will raise the limit to 10.1 percent. With such excellent news, we decided collecting some of our higher ABV gems for inspiration would only be fitting. Since this law covers beer and cider alike, we’ve added some of our Graffs…

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The 4 Modern Times Beers You Need to Drink Already

December 21, 2016
Modern Times

Seriously, you have no excuse. Modern Times’ 4 year-round beers and their super-stylish cans just keep popping up everywhere. These San Diegans brew beer that manipulates style standards, putting an unexpected but welcome spin on craft beer flavors. I found our whole office going “well it doesn’t taste like a _____ but damn it’s good! Pour some more.” So drop your BJCP guidebook and let these sudsy gems surprise you. Lomaland Saison IBU 30 | 5.5% ABV   Pale, fizzy,…

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4 Winter Beers to Warm You to Your Toes

December 19, 2016
Winter Beers

We collected and tasted some standout winter craft beers, and had to share! At our own holiday party everyone in the office received bottles of our Lock, Stock, and Barrel Stout, so we felt that smooth beauty deserved a spot on our list as well. If you’re thinking that Lock, Stock, and Barrel Stout sounds delicious, grab some from our store and start brewing now. This beer takes 6-12 months to condition so if you get it going now it’ll…

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Choosing the Right Gift for the Men in Your Life

December 15, 2016
Mr. Beer Kit

If you’ve got a guy on your list who’s a bit hard to buy for, a Mr. Beer kit is the perfect gift. Mr. Beer brewing kits come in many varieties, boast high ratings, are user-friendly, and very affordable. All of the gift ideas listed below are less than $65! What’s more is that our fermenters are sturdy and reusable, so the gift recipient can look forward to many batches of flavorful homebrew. Our kits are an excellent choice for…

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Appreciating a Taste of the Expertly-Hopped Beers of Two Roads Brewing

December 7, 2016
Two Roads Brewing Co.

Woof, this one’s been a long time coming. But with all of the holiday sales and madness going on around here at Mr. Beer, it took me time to settle in and collect all of our thoughts on Two Roads Brewing. Our Sales Managers and VP of Marketing were in Connecticut on business last month, and they brought a whole mess of tasty Two Roads brews back for the office. So many, in fact, that we had to split them…

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