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January 2017

Craft Beer

How to Arrange Beers for a Buzzworthy Tasting

January 19, 2017
Beer Tasting

Creating a particular order for the beers you and your friends are tasting may seem like too much fuss, but it can most definitely have an effect on the impression you get from each beer. If you line them up wrong you could have everyone hating a beer that is actually delicious, simply because it mixed with flavors still on their tongue from the last glass. This used to happen to me whenever a brewery or brewpub handed out a…

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Homebrewing Tips

The Best Beer Bottles for Every Type of Homebrewer

January 10, 2017
Choosing Beer Bottles

  Whether you are just starting to brew beer at home, or have a few batches of homebrew under your belt, it’s smart to assess/reassess your bottling options. Choose the right bottle and you’ll increase your enjoyment. If you love the snap of a bottle cap popping off, you’re more of a glass long-neck type. If you’re still getting a hold of homebrewing and want to eliminate room for oxidation or broken glass, you’ll want our Oxygen Barrier PET bottles.…

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