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February 2017

Mr.Beer Buzz

Why Drinking from a Snifter Will Better Your Beer

February 23, 2017

I once arranged an impromptu “these are my favorites” craft beer tasting for a group of friends and acquaintances in one of our tiny kitchens, hovered around the stove top. Nothing fancy, just wanted to share. Looking down into the red plastic cups we had on hand with the range hood light flooding them so I could pour fairly – I figured, “this’ll be fine right?” I mean, good beer is good beer, so I imagined that these beers would…

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Homebrewing Tips

The Best Hops to Boost Your Beer’s Aroma & Bitterness

February 13, 2017

Sure, you can identify that you like the hop flavor in your beer, but do you know which hop is doing the work? Craft breweries often list which hops were used on the beer’s packaging, but sometimes they leave it a mystery. Something smells like mangoes and papayas in there, and you know this isn’t a fruit beer. Maybe that piney taste really turns you off, and you want to know which hop is responsible. The 31 hop varieties I…

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