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May 2017

Food Pairings

The Best Beer Pairings for Memorial Day Grilling

May 27, 2017

Memorial Day weekend is here, and with it comes warmer temperatures, cold beer, and backyard grilling with friends and family. You might be thinking, “it’s a backyard BBQ, as long as the ice chest is full it doesn’t matter which beers are in there,” but I’m telling you some are going to wash that smoky, grilled meat down much better than others. Before the meat and fixins have even hit the grill, you’re going to want something refreshing to cool…

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Mr.Beer Buzz

What’s Overrated & Underrated in American Craft Beer?

May 18, 2017
american craft beer

We’re currently in the middle of American Craft Beer Week, which lasts from May 15 – 21 this year. Given the occasion, I found myself wondering – what is the state of American Craft Beer right now? As I touched on in the blog about beer for non-beer drinkers, I feel like there is a beer for everyone nowadays. With microbreweries popping up around every corner and homebrewing becoming such an accessible hobby, I feel confident that no matter what…

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Homebrewing Tips Mr.Beer Buzz

How to Keep Your Fermenter Cool in the Summer

May 11, 2017
keep beer fermenter cool

Summer is almost here! When it comes to fermenting, proper temperature control is one of the most important factors for maintaining happy yeast. This time of year, as the temperatures start rising, you will most likely be looking for ways to keep your yeast cool during fermentation. Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your fermenter cool and your yeast happy: A makeshift evaporative cooler (swamp cooler). Place your fermenter in a pan of water deep enough to…

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