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June 2017

Mr.Beer Buzz

Attending Homebrew Con as a Newly-Certified BJCP Judge

June 22, 2017
homebrew competition

The National Homebrewers Conference (aka “Homebrew Con”) is a 3-day annual gathering of 3000+ homebrewing and craft beer enthusiasts hosted by the American Homebrewers Association. It takes place in a different city each year and consists of seminars, a homebrew industry expo, and LOTS and LOTS of beer. This year, which celebrates the Homebrew Con’s 39th anniversary, took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Minneapolis Convention Center. National Homebrew Competition Another event that takes place at the Homebrew Con every…

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Craft Beer

The Top 4 Myths of Dark versus Light Beer

June 21, 2017

In the beer world, there are a couple of myths that are circulated so frequently that you may have begun believing them. They have become a part of beer marketing even. But they are not founded in fact, just appearances, so it’ll be easy to disprove them here. Once you understand the “beer science” behind them, you will be able to educate others. Then I won’t have to groan when I hear slanderous things about the dark-colored beers I love…

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