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August 2017

Mr.Beer Buzz

AZ Brewers Championing Water Conservation

August 31, 2017
AZ Pure Brew Challenge

Beer brewing for the environment! Sure, it sounds like a curious form of advocacy, but what better way to pique public interest in water conservation than with rich, foamy beer? This clever approach, known as the AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge, and developed by Pima County’s Southwest Water Campus team, won the $250,000 New Arizona Prize: Water Innovation Challenge. The AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge concept proved to be the “most innovative and inventive market-based, technological or entrepreneurial solution to…

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Homebrewing Tips

How to Brew with Chile Peppers

August 4, 2017
beer brewing with chile peppers

Bring something new to your homebrew by adding in a fresh, and potentially local, ingredient like chile peppers. If you cannot see yourself enjoying chile peppers in your beer, remember, this does not mean that your beer has to be spicy. You may just be interested in bringing that familiar flavor of pepper flesh to your brew. Mango and chile pepper, for example, is a popular flavor combination that does not require serious heat to be delicious. Adding a fresh…

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