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  1. Smoked Goose with Wild Rice Stuffing Recipe

    Smoked Goose with Wild Rice Stuffing Recipe

    When looking to pair with a dark, imperial stout, it is extremely difficult to find foods that can stand up to the stout's bold taste. In most cases, stouts will overpower the meal, leaving the food you have so lovingly prepared tasting bland and boring. However, there is one bold contender in the stout-food pairing arena: smoked goose. A rich layer of smoky fat on top, followed by cooked-to-perfection meat, will have your taste buds singing. This recipe also includes a delicious wild rice stuffing.

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  2. Barleywine Ale and Cheese Pairing

    Barleywine Ale and Cheese Pairing

    Some tips for a perfect cheese plate:

    • Keep it Simple -  In order to keep from confusing your palate choose no more than three or four cheeses.  Crackers or toasted baguette slices should be not be heavily seasoned so as not to distract from the main attractions.  Make sure they have a touch of saltiness so they don't become a black hole of flavor.
    • Less is More -  Don't be intimidated by high per pound prices.  Usually
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  3. Mission "Giveback": A Look at Mr. Beer's 2014 Community Involvement

    Mission "Giveback": A Look at Mr. Beer's 2014 Community Involvement

    In 2013, Mr. Beer made it their mission to give back to the community wherever they could. Usually, this comes in the form of donating kits as raffle prizes to help raise money for charities and nonprofits from around the country. This year, Mr. Beer was fortunate enough to work with several nonprofits and charities such as Boston Children's Hospital, Caitlin's Smiles, Suzanne Bronson Children's Trust, Youth on Their Own, The Zoological Society

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  4. Mr. Beer Makes the Perfect Gift for Any Guy in Your Life

    Mr. Beer Makes the Perfect Gift for Any Guy in Your Life
     I received a sample for this review/feature. Opinions expressed are my own.
    Enjoying Mr. Beer There's nothing quite as satisfying as a cold beer. After a long day at work, or when you're barbecuing, a beer is the perfect drink to unwind and relax. My husband is
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  5. Porterhouse Steak Recipe

    Porterhouse Steak Recipe

    The train stops in the middle of 19th century United States. The tracks still rattling off in your head you set your weary sights on a nearby hotel/restaurant. Inside, you order a steak and a beer. A mug of dark ale, and a large t-bone land in front of you. A bite. A chug. Caramel on caramel. Bitter grill marks over buttery fat and bittersweet cocoa. A porterhouse steak and a chocolate porter. You're not home yet, but you never want to leave. Ingredients 

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    • Traditional Irish Stew Recipe

      Traditional Irish Stew Recipe

      In the shadowy corners of many Irish brewpubs, people can be found huddled over steaming bowls of stew, clutching half empty pints of stout, muttering stories to themselves and any who'd listen. Pull up a chair and let me tell you about meat and vegetables in a dark sturdy broth, melding with the malty blackness until all that is left is a desolate bowl, a void glass notched with creamy reminders of each deep quaff, and the stories. Stories of heavy caramel and browned meat; Of tender lamb and the

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