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  1. Tips When Increasing the Alcohol Level in Your Homebrew

    Tips When Increasing the Alcohol Level in Your Homebrew

    Before we even get into increasing the alcohol level in your homebrew, we want to quickly visit a previous statement in our Homebrewing Tips to Become an Expert blog: "Chase flavor, not ABV!" When it comes time to consider raising the alcohol content in your homebrew, remember that adding sugar to your beer, therefore increasing

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  2. BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

    BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

    Honey porter is a rare find, so I figured I would match it with a dish that requires some gumption and patience. You're going to have to earn this pairing. Like homebrewing, smoking meat is an art that can be intimidating at first, but once it's set up, the hardest part is being determined enough to allow the full flavor and texture to develop. You'll be tempted to dive in with a couple of hours (or days with brewing) still on the clock, but stay strong, and you'll enjoy the subtle sweet honey co-mingling

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  3. The Best Homebrewing Tips from Industry Experts

    The Best Homebrewing Tips from Industry Experts

    It's a rare opportunity to be able to chat with a variety of industry experts and pick their brains about homebrewing... so we have done it for you! We sought out the best of the best, and asked them, "If you could give one piece of advice to homebrewers, beginner and advanced alike, what would it be?" So here you have it, ladies and gentlemen, learning how to brew from the our industries leading experts.

    Jamil Zainasheff, Owner of Heretic Brewing Co. & Yeast Expert
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  4. Interview with Jeremy Roberts of 903 Brewers

    We had a chance to interview Jeremy Roberts, Owner and Brewmaster of 903 Brewers in Sherman, TX. We partnered with 903 Brewers in January to create their Sugar on Top IPA as a Mr. Beer Craft Brewery Series recipe. We chatted about his start in homebrewing, his favorite beer to brew, and the challenges he faced opening up his own brewery. Check out the full interview below!

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  5. 4 Homebrewing Tips to Become an Expert

    4 Homebrewing Tips to Become an Expert

    There is a lot of science behind homebrewing, and becoming an expert at the craft takes a lot of time, patience, and knowledge. To help with the knowledge portion, we reached out to some of our advanced brewers that participate on the Mr. Beer Forum and asked them what tips they would give brewers looking to fine-tune their craft. Whether you are just starting out, or are an intermediate brewer looking to obtain more knowledge, these homebrewing tips are

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