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  1. How to Brew Using a Mr. Beer Refill

    How to Brew Using a Mr. Beer Refill

    Mr. Beer refills are easy-to-use brewing extracts that make your brewing process quick and simple while still giving you great-tasting craft beer. All of our brewing malts are provided by Cooper's Brewery in Adelaide Australia. Cooper's is the largest family owned brewery in Australia, and the world's leading provider of high-quality brewing malts.

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  2. 8 Beer Cocktails Using a Mexican Cerveza

    8 Beer Cocktails Using a Mexican Cerveza

    Nothing is more refreshing than a light cerveza after a long day of work, or for relaxing on your day off. If the beer alone just isn't cutting it, maybe it is time to experiment with something that carries a little bit more kick... like a beer cocktail. Refreshing, bubbly beer mixed with your favorite liquor? Yes please!

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  3. Beer Cheese Recipe

    Beer Cheese Recipe

    Beer and cheese. I'll give you a second to take that in. Because that's how long it took me to finish the first IPA and bowl of racecar yellow goop. Having gotten that out of the way I can take my time with the second helping of both. The citrus like bitterness cuts the gooey texture and the floral bouquet contrasts with the savory saltiness. As for that lingering spiciness, the hops will first fan the flames and then extinguish them, readying you for the next dip into the pool

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  4. How to Host a Beer Tasting Like a Pro: Battle of the Brews

    How to Host a Beer Tasting Like a Pro: Battle of the Brews

    So you finally made a tasty homebrew you're proud of. Whatever type of beer you're into—from crispy pilsners to juicy IPAs—making your own liquid gold is a rewarding craft. But why keep all the bounty and honor to yourself? Isn't it time to break out of your makeshift brewery and break open your bottles for a tasting with friends? Hosting a homebrew tasting is entertaining, educational and completely kick-ass. But, there's more to a good time than just sipping a bunch of different beers. (Di

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  5. Interview with Anthem Brewing's Founder and Head Brewmaster: Matt Anthony

    Interview with Anthem Brewing's Founder and Head Brewmaster: Matt Anthony

    This month, our Craft Brewery Series limited edition recipe was a collaboration with an Oklahoma City favorite: Anthem Brewing. We replicated their popular Belgian Style Blonde Ale, Golden One, and we are thrilled to let Mr. Beer customers brew this delicious beer for themselves. We had a chance to chat with Anthem founder and head brewmaster, Matt Anthony, about how he began brewing, his favorite beer to brew, and the biggest challenges he faced when deciding to pursue his dream of opening

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  6. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe

    Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe
    Sun hanging low directly above, I tong the last of the juicy chicken off my half barrel grill, eyes and mouth watering from the smoke and spice. A scoop of rice, and I head to the hammock. The sweet desert breeze refreshes my hand as I free an ESB from the confines of the cooler. After a pop and a pour, I tear into the chicken while my beer settles. Succulent warmth, island aromatics, crisp char. The heat is building, so I take a pull off the pint. The piquant citrusy hops raise the temperature
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  7. What's The Difference between Lagers and Ales?

    What's The Difference between Lagers and Ales?

    Once you start getting into beer appreciation, whether as a brewer or just a connoisseur, you quickly find yourself facing a variety of different choices: pilsners, IPAs, bocks, browns, stouts, porters and so on.

    Each has their own features, but it can be overwhelming to understand them all. So, let's take a step back for a moment...

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  8. Irish Stout Beef Stew Recipe

    Irish Stout Beef Stew Recipe

    Nothing says St. Patrick's Day better than beef stew enriched with Irish stout. This recipe was provided by forum member MichaelL. Thanks Michael! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Ingredients 

    • 2 pounds stew beef (sirloin preferred, chuck OK)
    • Flour for dredging
    • Salt and pepper, to taste
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  9. Oktoberfest Pretzels Recipe

    Oktoberfest Pretzels Recipe

    It doesn't matter if Oktoberfest is right around the corner, or far far away; whether we are "tying the knot," or simply celebrating National Pretzel Day on April 26th, whether we are giving ourselves a little reward at the bar while we daydrink, or making ourselves into their human likeness at the yoga studio, these salted brown benders are a staple of life. And because, "These pretzels are making me thirsty!"  (Cosmo Kramer, 1991), I think I'll twist off the cap of this Bock and rehydrate.

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  10. What are Balling Degrees, Hop Back, and IBU: Brewing Terminology Tuesday

    What are Balling Degrees, Hop Back, and IBU: Brewing Terminology Tuesday
    Balling Degrees Balling degrees is a term referring to the sugar density in your wort. You can also describe the sugar density in your wort as Brix or Plato degrees. All three of these terms are interchangeable, and are used when determining the specific gravity and final gravity of your homebrew. Balling degrees was established in 1843 by Karl Balling, and is the oldest of the three measuring systems.
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