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  1. Beer Camp Across America Tasting - Part 2

    Beer Camp Across America Tasting - Part 2

    Last week we did a tasting blog on the first three beers from Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America collaboration. This week, we will feature the last three of this delicious six pack. This week's Beer Camp Across America brews are Family Values Imperial Brown Ale, Moxee-Moron Imperial Session IPA and Stout of the Union.

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  2. Beer Camp Across America Tasting - Part 1

    Beer Camp Across America Tasting - Part 1

    Sierra Nevada Brewing Company set out to celebrate American craft beer in the best way possible: by collaborating with 30 breweries across the country to create unique, collaborative beers that represented America, as well as host craft beer festivals across the country featuring the region's most loved craft breweries. 

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  3. Tulip Glass

    Tulip Glass

    The tulip glass may look dainty, but the beers you should drink from it are anything but. Named after the flower its shape resembles, the tulip class is crafted with a longer stem and at first glance might resemble a goblet glass. However, the rounded base becomes more narrow towards the top, and then at the rim, the glass juts back out to create a lip of sorts. Besides just visual appeal, there is a reason for this uniquely shaped glass.

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  4. Summer Beer Tasting - Part 2

    Summer Beer Tasting - Part 2

    Earlier in June, we did a Thirsty Thursday beer tasting blog on summer beers. Well, we decided that just one blog on these light, crisp refreshing beers just wasn't enough, so we decided to do a "Part 2." 

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