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  1. Is My Beer Infected?

    Is My Beer Infected?

    For new brewers, the fermentation process can look quite alien at times, especially when different batches of beer may behave differently due to different ingredients, fermentation temps, etc. Some people will dump perfectly good beer thinking it may be infected, when it actually isn't. 

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  2. Brewing Hard Cider

    Brewing Hard Cider

    Our Hard Cider Kit makes crisp, dry cider that is incredibly tasty, but if it's time for a change, there are many ways to modify your cider brew to keep things interesting! Here are some things you can add to your Mr. Beer Cider Kit/Refill...

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  3. Using Wood Chips in Your Beer

    Using Wood Chips in Your Beer

    Learn all about wood chips, cubes, spirals, staves, and barrels when it comes to beer brewing. If you are the type who hunts out the barrel-aged brews at your local beer spot, but aren't sure how to implement wood into your homebrewing, this blog is for you.

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  4. Microbrew vs. Craft vs. Independent Craft

    Microbrew vs. Craft vs. Independent Craft

    In the mid-2000s, those who wanted to distinguish their beer taste from that of the masses requested "microbrews" (made by "microbreweries") when they were in search of tastier beer. Microbreweries represented an alternative attitude toward beer. 

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