Craft Beer

  1. Fresh, Bright Citrus Beer for the Tasting, plus Scotch Ale

    Fresh, Bright Citrus Beer for the Tasting, plus Scotch Ale

    As we do every week, we enjoyed a Thursday afternoon beer tasting to inspire us when creating new recipes. The "common thread" here wasn't particularly strong – we tasted a Scotch Ale, then compared and discussed the citrus flavors in the IPA and Saison. We talked about common vs. tropical citrus flavors, how much is too much citrus, and beers with a citrus flavor that tastes more like a cleaning product.

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  2. Brewers and Friends

    Brewers and Friends

    When learning how to brew beer, it's helpful to taste new beers and find what makes them a hit for you. It's also to your benefit to have friends try out your homebrew with you and let you know how they found it. Though as long as your beer makes you happy, we're happy. 

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  3. Oktoberfest Märzen

    Oktoberfest Märzen

    We decided that with Oktoberfest approaching, this was as good a time as any to do some research on tasty Oktoberfest picks. Though these three were similar in terms of flavor notes, they each had their own strengths. We'd highly suggest doing a tasting of one particular beer style to really get in tune with where your homebrew should be when brewing in that style.

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  4. Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kits

    Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kits

    For this Thirsty Thursday we decided to do tasting notes on our own homebrews – the 6 new craft beer kits Mr. Beer just released. Though each of us had a clear favorite, we all seemed to banter on about things we'd add to each recipe, hops we might substitute, because that's the fun of our kits – creativity and customization.

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  5. Arizona Breweries

    Arizona Breweries

    This week's Thirsty Thursday tasting was a special one. We had a special guest, Dr Tim Cooper, Managing Director and Chief Brewer for Coopers Brewery, visiting the office.  So, naturally we had to celebrate his attendance with excellent beer selection. Aside from offering up two homebrew creations from our own brewing room for Dr Tim to try, we brought in 3 delicious beers from Arizona breweries.

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