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  1. Why A-B InBev Suddenly Chose to Go After Homebrewing

    Why A-B InBev Suddenly Chose to Go After Homebrewing

    Many proud homebrewers felt slighted when Northern Brewer & Midwest Supplies revealed their acquisition by Anheuser-Busch InBev this month, but what seemed especially curious for the beer brewing community was the underlying question – why a homebrew supply store?

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  2. The Freedom to Brew Your Own Way: Coopers, Mr. Beer, & The Merger

    The Freedom to Brew Your Own Way: Coopers, Mr. Beer, & The Merger

    Considering Coopers' reputation for excellence and integrity, it should come as no surprise that when the brewery approached Tucson's Mr. Beer to acquire them in 2012, both sides saw great mutual benefit. Coopers Marketing Manager, Scott Harris, said at the time that, "the culture at both companies was similar, as was our ideology of home brewing and how it should be presented to the consumer."

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  3. Weizen Glass

    Weizen Glass

    Hefe fans are sure to know this glass, as Weizen glasses are the ones that properly highlight your tall, gold brew with that lovely cut of citrus that pubs like to slip on the lip. Betcha didn't know that the acidity of those fresh citrus slices can kill the white fluffy head wheat beers are well-known for! Weizen, meaning "wheat" in German, refers to the types of beer meant to be enjoyed from this glass, including...

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  4. Tulip Glass

    Tulip Glass

    The tulip glass may look dainty, but the beers you should drink from it are anything but. Named after the flower its shape resembles, the tulip class is crafted with a longer stem and at first glance might resemble a goblet glass. However, the rounded base becomes more narrow towards the top, and then at the rim, the glass juts back out to create a lip of sorts. Besides just visual appeal, there is a reason for this uniquely shaped glass.

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  5. Goblet Glass

    Goblet Glass

    There are nights where you may just want to kick back in your recliner and have a few glasses of easy-drinking, cold beer. We get it. But, there are going to be nights where you want to dress up, drink strong, malty, kick-you-in-the-taste-buds craft beer from the fanciest glass you can find... and that's where the goblet glass comes in to play.

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