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  1. Pint Glass

    Pint Glass

    Ah, the good ol' pint glass; beer's most trusted partner in crime. If you've been to a craft brewery, or any bar really, you've most likely enjoyed almost every style of beer out of a pint glass. This glass is the most prevalent glass on the market, and there are a few good reasons why, and it all has to do with the shape...

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  2. Flute Beer Glass

    Flute Beer Glass

    When most people think of a flute glass, their first thought is champagne. However, there is such a thing as a flute beer glass, and there are several reasons you should be adding this glass to your collection.

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  3. National Lager Day 2015

    National Lager Day 2015

    As far as history goes, lagers are relatively new to the beer scene. By new, we mean the first mention of a lager style beer was in 16th century Bavaria. A lagers biggest differentiator is the style of yeast used during fermentation and the temperature at which you brew. To be a true lager, you need a bottom-brewing yest, and it needs to be fermented at cooler temperatures.

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  4. A Heartfelt Thank You to Veterans from One of Our Own

    A Heartfelt Thank You to Veterans from One of Our Own

    When we asked Tim Falk, one of Mr. Beer's amazing Customer Service Representatives, to write a blog for Veterans Day, he quickly agreed. We couldn't think of anyone better to thank our past and present service men for their selfless, and often times, unrecognized, service to our country. You see, Tim himself is a veteran, serving as a medic in Afghanistan, and he knows firsthand how profound a simple "thank you" can mean to his fellow brothers and sisters who served.

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  5. The 2015 Great Tucson Beer Fest Was a Hit

    The 2015 Great Tucson Beer Fest Was a Hit

    For the past several years, Mr. Beer has participated in our local Great Tucson Beer Fest. This festival not only brings in big names such Firestone Walker and Dogfish Head, but it also hosts some fantastic local and regional breweries from Arizona and New Mexico.

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