Brew Talk with Mr. Beer

  1. Aroma Hops

    Aroma Hops

    In our 24th episode of BrewTalk with Mr. Beer we hop back into..hops! We discuss Aroma hops, what they do and provide some tricks for picking the best ones for your brew.

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  2. Yeast Flavor Profiles

    Yeast Flavor Profiles

    We did our basic topic a few weeks ago to just cover the different styles, etc. Now we wanted to look at how different yeasts can add certain flavors to your beer. So we are going to go through the styles of yeast that we sell on the website and I’ll let Zach explain the type of flavor you can get out of the yeast so you can start to experiment with different yeasts if you want to.

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  3. Oktoberfest


    We wanted to keep it simple this week so we thought, why not talk about Oktoberfest!! It starts this Sunday and there is no better way to celebrate than with a nice cold homebrew, Cheers!

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  4. Dual Purpose Hops

    Dial Purpose Hops

    Love Hops? We do too! In this episode of Brew Talk with Mr. Beer we discuss Dual Purpose Hops and what they are and what they do!

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  5. Brewing with Specialty Grains


    If you want to take your brew to the next level specialty grains are a great addition to add something extra to your brew. We use these in all our partial mash recipes. In our 20th episode of Brew Talk with Mr. Beer we discuss some of the basics around using specialty grains on your brew day.

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