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7 Election Day Beers to Brew for Inauguration Day 2017

November 7, 2016
Election Beers

Election Day 2016 is upon us, and whether you are feeling excited or absolutely terrified, we’re hoping you’ll get out there and cast your vote! We’ll all be over here clutching our beer bottles along with you when the news hits.

No matter the result, the new POTUS won’t be sworn in until January 20th. So we thought, why not brew some beer up to enjoy on Inauguration Day? Whether your pick wins or not, a cold flavorful brew will be a welcome refreshment.

Back in August, I let our Twitter followers know it was time to start brewing our POTUS Honey Porter in order to drink it on Election Night. While you may not’ve taken that advice, you don’t have to miss out on brewing and drinking along with us on the road to the new presidency. I’ve decided to list 6 beer recipes you can get ready in time for Inauguration Day 2017, in case you’re feeling patriotic along with us.

If you’re feeling particularly festive, brew a few of these recipes instead of one and have an “Air Force One” flight ready for family and friends to drink at your own Inauguration Gala (or rather BBQ).

Blue PatriotBlue Patriot

Fruit and Spice Beer

Refreshingly tart with a big blueberry bite, yet malty and full flavored.

Patriot's PridePatriot’s Pride

American Pale Ale

Amber waves and resinous cones, plus a little yeast and water from the purple mountainous majesty all work together in harmony to create a bountiful nectar.

Founding Fathers' AleFounding Fathers’ Ale

American Pale Ale

Straw-colored with a balanced flavor profile and a crisp finish, all topped off with a lacy white cap.

Powerful Patriot AlePowerful Patriot Ale

American Pale Ale

Using Liberty hops, this beer’s hop profile more mild than the typical West Coast style pale ales. Instead of citrus or pine, these hops provide a subtle spicy, but floral flavor and aroma to balance with the additional malts.

All American GoldAll American Gold

American Pale Ale

Pale, refreshing, and delicately balanced with traditional hops. The mildy floral Willamette hops compliment the light malts giving this beer the perfect balance.

1776 Ale

1776 Ale

American Pale Ale

A crisp, amber color greets the eyes, while aromas of floral hops welcome the nose. A variety of caramel malts impart a rich flavor, while the Liberty hops add some zest and aroma to offer a balanced finish.

Rocket's Red GlareRocket’s Red Glare

American Amber Ale

A well-balanced American Amber Ale that glows with a tinge of wheat, and whose flavor is lush with the caramel and toffee malts that are the heart of its foundation. Cascade hops provide a nice hint of citrus in the aroma, rounding out the malty finish.

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