Announcing the 2015 Reddit Homebrewing Competition

Mr. Beer is excited to be an official sponsor of the 2015 Reddit Homebrewing Competition! This annual competition hosted on Reddit, the largest online community in the world, has become increasingly popular over the years with its increase in subcommunities (called subreddits), like /r/homebrewing. This year, the competition will be judged by BJCP certified judges, and there are 5 categories into which you can enter.

If you are interested in entering this year's competition, we highly encourage you to do so! This is a great community of brewers, and if you have ever thought about entering your beer in a competition, this is a great way to get started. Reddit has chosen BJCP judges across the country for each category, and competitors are expected to ship their enteries to these judges, so anyone is able to compete.

The categories for this year's competition:

  1. Category 14: IPA
  2. Category 13: Stout [Canadian Category]
  3. Category 16C: Saison
  4. Category 10C: American Brown Ale
  5. Category 15: German Wheat and Rye Beer
Entry Deadline: Entries are due to the judges by November 1st.
Judging Date: Entries must be judged by December 1st, with all score sheets given to me by December 8th.
Entry Limits: Entrants are limited to 1 entry per category.
If you would like to enter, you can visit this Reddit link to sign up. This page also shows you the past number of entereis in each category to give you an idea of how popular your category is. No need to pay the entry fee yet (which is only $5), this is just signing you up so you can start brewing!
Best of luck to all the competitors this year!