The 4 Modern Times Beers You Need to Drink Already

Seriously, you have no excuse. Modern Times' 4 year-round beers and their super-stylish cans just keep popping up everywhere. These San Diegans brew beer that manipulates style standards, putting an unexpected but welcome spin on craft beer flavors. I found our whole office going "well it doesn't taste like a _____ but damn it's good! Pour some more." So drop your BJCP guidebook and let these sudsy gems surprise you.



IBU 30 | 5.5% ABV

  Pale, fizzy, and clear, this Saison smells of sweet, grainy malt, spicy hops, and rustic farmhouse yeast. Biscuits, spicy, herbal hops, and light esters hit the tongue with each drink. Light body, dry finish, and lots of carbonation make this one refreshing and easy to sip on. Tasting Notes– "Mild for a saison, but very sessionable - dry and refreshing"; "Wheaty Saison;" "Nice dry finish;" "Smooth;" "Very mellow and light;" "A very mild Saison and a good choice to start on your Saison adventure!"  

Fortunate Islands


IBU 46 | 5.0% ABV

  For a wheat beer, they weren't kidding with the "hoppy" – wow! This golden beauty smells of citrus hops with sweet, biscuit malts. It's got rich medium body like a wheat beer should, with bold citrus fruit flavors and nearly no bitterness to speak of. Tasting Notes– "Good beer!!!;" "Not at all like a typical wheat beer. Tastes and looks like a pale ale;" "Nice body and flavor. Very tropical with no bitterness. Almost like a NE IPA;" "Lovely citrusy aroma. Wheat comes through vaguely;" "Like an IPA;" "Clear for style, fruity and tropical hoppiness without much bitterness;" and "Very different wheat with a good dosing of hops that makes this a very unique flavor."  

Blazing World


IBU 85 | 6.8% ABV

  Once again Modern Times takes a classic beer style and turns the hops all the way up. This coppery, medium-bodied Amber boasts floral, citrus hops and light, nutty, grainy malts. It's got this pleasantly biting, sticky, and long finish that definitely sets it ablaze. Tasting Notes– "Good beer;" "Very good, but not to style. Too light for an amber with a weak backbone. More like an IPA;" "Mild malts pair well with hops. Balanced perfectly;" and "Very light colored and hoppy for the style."  

Black House


IBU 40 | 5.8% ABV

  Dear Modern Times, we get it, we get it, you guys brew your own coffee and it's ridiculously good. This Stout stands above its competition with delicious toasty, roasty, chocolaty coffee aroma and flavor. Sure, it pours a root beer color and has a light body for a Stout, but adherence to style be damned – it's like sipping an iced mocha. Tasting Notes – "Not bad for an Amber beer;" "Tastes and feels more like a Porter than a Stout;" "Light in color for a Stout, but very, very good. Roasty with just enough coffee;" "Light stout. Coffee notes throughout;" "Very tasty;" "Again, light for the style but good nonetheless;" "May have looked more bock-ish but the aroma and taste puts this directly in the Stout range. Undeniably Stout that makes me want more."