5 Beers to Start Brewing Now for Fall

Fall is a season known for luscious, spicy beer offerings to warm us as the weather gets colder. So it's no surprise that some folks don't care to be restricted to pumpkin-flavored brews only. Oktoberfest beers are certainly not centered around the orange gourd, thanks to Germany's Purity Law. However, Halloween and Thanksgiving seem to ensure that half, if not more, of all seasonal beers will be loaded with Jack O' Lantern and Pumpkin Pie reverence. So, this blog is for the beer drinkers after something bold, warming, and pumpkin-free. Yes, that includes the folks on the Mr. Beer Facebook page (we see you Jesse and Mark!) who were sure to give us their barf-emoji reactions to our previous Pumpkin Spice Lovers blog. Mr. Beer takes all kinds, so we wanted to make sure all of our brewers find something they enjoy.

Our Fall Homebrew Recipes

We've collected 5 flavorful and unique homebrew recipes that can be cooked up, fermented, bottled, and conditioned in time for fall enjoyment. There are a variety of styles, ABVs and brewing times here so that you can find a fall homebrew to fit your needs and time constraints. Be sure to let us know (on any one of our many social media profiles) how it goes, or if you have additional fall favorites from Mr.Beer. Cheers!

1. That Voodoo That You Do

[American Amber Ale] Time to Brew – 3-4 monthsABV (Alc/Vol) 7.4% | SRM (Color) 19 | IBU (Bitterness) 30 TVTYD is a beautiful, dark amber ale with a thick, creamy head. This ale is little hazy & malty, and has a twist of spice from the wheat. It's well-balanced - not too hoppy to overpower the slightly sweet, caramel, malty flavors.

2. Glacial Gold Hopped Cider

[Specialty Cider w/ Herbs & Spices] gluten free Time to Brew- 2 monthsABV (Alc/Vol) 4.5% | SRM (Color) 3 | IBU (Bitterness) 0 Our hopped cider is infused with the woody, floral, and citrusy aromas of Glacier hops – it's not your average cider. The hop aromas are the first thing to hit your senses, followed by a smooth, clean apple flavor. The late hop addition and dry-hopping method prevent any bitterness in the cider. Instead, you only get the hop aromas and flavors, which pair perfectly with the floral and fruity apple notes.

3. Howling Red Ale

[Irish Red Beer] Time to Brew – 2-3 monthsABV (Alc/Vol) 4.8% | SRM (Color) 14 | IBU (Bitterness) 21 This red ale has a deceivingly mild flavor that makes it deliciously drinkable. Howling Red Ale is malty sweet, but not overly hoppy, with a slightly dry finish.

4. Witch's Flight

[American Brown Ale] Time to Brew – 2 monthsABV (Alc/Vol) 6.1% | SRM (Color) 16 | IBU (Bitterness) 30 This hoppy, brown ale drinks almost like an IPA, but with no bitterness. The tropical, fruity notes of the Falconer's Flight hop blend are carried by a smooth malt backbone – provided by our Bewitched Amber Ale. Smooth mouthfeel and excellent head retention are provided by the wheat in our Golden LME Softpack.

5. Black Moon Weizen

[German Wheat Beer] Time to Brew – 2 months ABV (Alc/Vol) 5.6% | SRM (Color) 15 | IBU (Bitterness) 15 Black Moon is a great representation of the German Dunkelweizen style. It's like a Hefeweizen with a dark side. The smooth and silky mouthfeel of the wheat perfectly complements the rich, malty flavors from the Munich and Chocolate Malts. The yeast's underlying banana and clove notes add complexity to this robust wheat beer.