7 Beers for Celebrating Higher ABV in Tennessee

We heard that a new law goes into effect on January 1, which allows beer and cider brewers in Tennessee to create brews with stronger alcohol content. At the moment the legal limit is 6.2 percent ABV, but the new law will raise the limit to 10.1 percent. With such excellent news, we decided collecting some of our higher ABV gems for inspiration would only be fitting. Since this law covers beer and cider alike, we've added some of our Graffs (cider/beer hybrids) into the mix to encourage some creativity and variety. If you are considering raising the ABV in a recipe you know you already enjoy, we've got a blog for that too. Our blog entry will ensure that you keep the flavors where you want them while chasing higher alcohol content. An added bonus here is that many – not all – beers with a higher ABV require a longer brewing time; so, many of the beers on this list are eligible for our 50% savings on an Oxygen Barrier Bottling System. Oxygen Barrier Bottling Systems are nice for keeping oxygen and off flavors out of your beer as it brews. When you put a recipe with a 4 month+ brewing window and our Oxygen Barrier Bottling System in your cart, the savings will automatically be deducted.

KT's Caramel Apple Graff – Graff – 7.4%

 KT's Caramel Apple Graff

This cider/ale hybrid exhibits both the caramel malt flavors of a great wheat beer and the dry, fruity flavors of a great apple cider. This deep golden libation is like caramel apple pie in a bottle!

That VooDoo That You Do – Amber – 7.4%

That Voodoo That You Do

Amber, yet a little hazy and malty; balanced, but with a twist of spice the wheat lends. A rich, dark ale that pours with a thick, creamy head.

Gigantor Quad – Quadrupel – 7.5%

Gigantor Quad

Our Gigantor Quad is a strong Belgian with ripe fruit, caramel, and bold malt flavor.

Surly Dog IPA – American IPA – 8.8%

Surly Dog IPA

A full-bodied malty base supports a resinous and citrusy hop profile that lasts on the palate. The addition of honey gives the beer slightly dry finish to highlight the hops without throwing off the malt balance.

Munich Malt Monster – Doppelbock – 8.9%

Munich Malt Monster

Strong, malty flavors of baked bread and toffee are supported by the spicy, floral, and slightly fruity profiles of Sterling and Palisade hops. Aromatic notes of apricot and caramel emanate from the rich creamy head.

Apple Brown Beery – Graff – 9%

Apple Brown Beery

The Amber Oktoberfest provides a malty backbone for body and color, while the cider provides a tart apple flavor and crisp finish.

Lock Stock and Barrel Stout – Bourbon Barrel Stout – 9.5%

Lock Stock and Barrel Stout

The woody, oaky notes imparted by the oak chips compliment the aromas and flavors of chocolate, toffee, and roasted barley. A bourbon finish rounds out this big stout with a subtle alcohol heat.