16 American Beers to Do You Proud on American Beer Day

Happy American Beer Day, brewers! Time to revel in the greatness of the bold and delicious American beer styles we boast in our recipe pages. Here are just 16, including our 2 brand new clone recipes taken from Great American Beer Festival Gold Winners! Show your pride and esteem by brewing up something distinctively red, white and blue.

Austin Pils (German-style Pilsner)

Light grainy Pils malt aroma. Floral, spicy noble hops. Crisp, bitter, clean. Dry finish.

Suava Java Cream Ale (Coffee Beer)

Medium-roast coffee blend lends roasted flavor, aroma, and color. Smooth, rich, cream ale. Smoothness comes from oats and Munich malt.

Classic American Light (American Light Lager)

Light, grainy, sweet malt character. Light hop presence. Crisp. Dry. Refreshing.

Grass Cutter Lager (American Lager)

Light-bodied. Balance of herbal hops and grainy malts. High carbonation. Crisp, dry finish.

Naughty Cream Ale (Cream Ale)

Slightly sweet corn notes. Malty. Creamy body. Mildly spicy Hallertau hops.

Wild Wheat (American Wheat Beer)

More neutral and clean than banana-ey German Hefeweizens. Bready, grainy malt character. Mild spice from Saaz hops.

Sir Kenneth Blonde Ale (Blonde Ale)

Lightly bready, caramelly malt. Rich, mildly sweet malt and spicy hop character. Well-balanced. Clean.

Patriot's Pride (American Pale Ale)

Clean, slightly resinous hops. More hop forward. Light, grainy malt. Lightly balanced. Medium body.

Rocket's Red Glare (American Amber Ale)

Lightly citrusy, Cascade hops. Lush with caramel and toffee malts. Well-balanced. Medium body. Full finish.

Foggy Days California Common (California Common)

More stone fruit and butterscotch notes compared to the average Lager - more like an Ale. Earthy, woody Hallertau hops. Toasty, sweet, caramel malts.

Witch's Flight (American Brown Ale)

Hoppy brown ale. Like an IPA, but no bitterness. Tropical, fruit notes from hop blend. Smooth malt backbone. Smooth mouthfeel.

American Porter (American Porter)

Medium body with strong, roasted, caramel malt character. Mild bitterness. Creamy head. Dry, medium-sweet finish.

Staggerback Stout (American Stout)

Dark and roasty with hints of chocolate, roasted coffee, and dark stone fruits. Complex balance of hops and malt. Medium to full body.

Slap Hoppy Stout (Imperial Stout)

Rich, deep, complex. Bold, roasted maltiness. Fruity esters. Hop bitterness. Relatively dry. Moderately sweet.

Surly Dog IPA (American IPA)

Full-bodied malty base. Resinous and citrusy hop profile that lasts on the palate. The addition of honey gives the beer slightly dry finish to highlight the hops without throwing off the malt balance.

American Burleywine (American Barleywine)

Dark, strong, malt flavor, while also being well-hopped. Intense alcohol aromatics. Smooth and full-bodied. Velvety.