7 Dessert Inspired Beers to Brew on Apple Betty Day

October 5th is National Apple Betty Day, and while that may drive some to bake, the holiday motivates us to get brewing. We've got a favorite Apple Betty recipe of our own, and it's called "Apple Brown Beery." An Apple Betty or Apple Brown Betty appeals to us with the decadence of brown sugar, salted butter, hearty, warm bread, and tart apples - which many of us will top with smooth, vanilla ice cream. The Apple Brown Beery packs the same brown sugar and tart apple as the beloved cobbler, with breadiness provided by an Oktoberfest Lager, and warmth created by a higher ABV of 9%. We'd argue ice cream-like smoothness comes with conditioning this homebrew for 1-3 months. Apple Brown Beery is sure to have you asking for a heaping serving of seconds, but it's not our only dessert-inspired beer offering. If you're a beer loverwith a bit of a sweet tooth, we've collected an entire list for you to brew.

Apple Brown Beery

Total Brewing Time: 3-5 months

  • hints of cinnamon and brown sugar
  • higher alcohol content
  • malty backbone from Oktoberfest
  • tart apple flavor
  • crisp finish

Cherry Tart

Total Brewing Time: 2-3 months

  • crisp, clean, & tart
  • flavors of cherries and lime
  • pale rich malt base

Booberry Gobbler

Total Brewing Time: 4-6 months

  • bold blueberry flavor
  • caramel notes
  • tart apple finish

KT's Caramel Apple Graff

Total Brewing Time: 5-6 months

  • Bavarian Wheat Beer + Hard Apple Cider
  • higher alcohol content
  • brown sugar & spices
  • caramel malt flavors
  • dry fruit flavors

Boysenberry Tart

Total Brewing Time: 2-3 months

  • sweet & tart of boysenberries
  • lime flavors
  • light maltiness

Punkin (Pie) Lager

Total Brewing Time: 3-4 months

  • malty Oktoberfest flavor
  • cinnamon & spice kick
  • subtle pumpkin pie flavor

Barley's Chocolate Orange Stout

Total Brewing Time: 2-3 Months

  • rich dark chocolate
  • sweet tang of orange
  • creamy mouthfeel
  • coffee aromas