Downtown Tucson is known for many things and most locals are happy to name them off for you. The University of Arizona, several nationally known restaurants and breweries, historical sites, small businesses; the list could go on and on. Despite all of that, there’s still something the Tucson area has never had before. A new and brilliant Jewel in the crown of Downtown and it's called Bawker Bawker Cider House.

Tucked neatly into the corner on 400 N. 4th Ave, Owner and Brewer, Don Rubino, and his wife Jaimie have turned this historical, semi-industrial space, into a warm, quirky, and inviting spot for all that enter. From the first step over the threshold, I was met with the familiar, tangy aroma of fermentation. Next, my eyes wander up to the bar and then to the many taps, all in a row, a true delight for those that appreciate, “options”. After taking my seat, being greeted, and being offered a tour of the vast (and constantly rotating) menu, my adventure began.

With 24 ciders on tap, I opted for a flight… Soon after ordering, I was served a circular rainbow of vivid color, a feast for the eyes no doubt. I had a feeling I was in for something “GOOD”, and boy, was I right! As I sipped my flight, I couldn’t help but notice and appreciate the labor and love applied to each flavor I tried. The complexity, the yeast character, the creativity… It was all there and all perceptible within those six, little, glasses.