Beer Camp Across America Tasting - Part 2

Last week we did a tasting blog on the first three beers from Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America collaboration. This week, we will feature the last three of this delicious six pack. This week's Beer Camp Across America brews are Family Values Imperial Brown Ale, Moxee-Moron Imperial Session IPA and Stout of the Union.

Family Values Imperial Brown Ale with Cocoa

Beer Camp Across America

Photo Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Collaborators  A representation of the Midwest, this Imperial Brown Ale was brewed with mostly Midwest-grown ingredients, including wild rice, honey, oats and hops. This brew was a collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, August Schell Brewing Co., Dark Horse Brewing Co., Half Acre Beer Company, Perennial Artisan Ales and Sun King Brewing Co.  

Aroma Sweet, biscuit and chocolate malt notes with earthy and leafy hops.

Appearance Very dark, root beer like color, with minimal head retention and some lacing.

Flavor Sweet, dark fruit, roasty and chocolaty tones create a great malt backbone with bitter, earthy hops.

Mouthfeel Sharp and clean with low carbonation levels.

Overall Tasting NotesNice chocolate notes for a stout that gave this beer a semi-sweet finish. Great mouthfeel and a nice warming that stayed true to the imperial style. This is a big beer that all stout lovers will really enjoy!

Moxee-Moron Imperial Session IPA

Beer Camp Across America

Photo Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Collaborators  Going for Northwest hipster irony, this "imperial" session IPA is chalk full of Northwest grown hops, giving this IPA a true hop-bomb flavor and aroma. This beer is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Barley Brown's Brewing Company, Black Raven Brewing Co., Melvin Brewing Co., and Odell Brewing Co.   

Aroma Subtle biscuit malt, strong citrusy and floral hops with a clean yeast finish.

Appearance Pale gold color, clear clarity and a lasting, creamy head.

Flavor Hops, hops and more delicious hops! Biscuit and grainy malt backbone supports the citrus, piney and resinous hop flavors.

Mouthfeel Medium-bodied and slightly crisp with moderate carbonation.

Overall Tasting NotesWe were surprised by the floral and citrus flavors this IPA brought to the table. Made you want to grab a few and go sit in a beach chair, soak in the sun and relax. IPA lovers, this is a great oxymoron of a beer.

Stout of the Union Robust Stout

Beer Camp Across America

Photo Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Collaborators  Hailing from the land of surf, sand and sun, this robust stout is a union of complex flavors. A collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Bagby Beer Company, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing, The Lost Abbey, Smog City Brewing and Societe Brewing Company.  

Aroma Roasted, chocolate notes with a toasted, grainy malt backdropwith earthy hops.

Appearance Very dark, almost black, with a creamy, lasting head.

Flavor Notes of chocolate, coffee and roasted malt. Some mild, bitter hops.

Mouthfeel Very smooth and creamy, but lighter bodied than most stouts.

Overall Tasting Notes This was brewed to be a "beach stout" meaning, while it is dark and complex, it is just light enough to enjoy lounging on your favorite beach in sunny California. Hoppier than a standard stout, this was a unique beer that everyone really enjoyed. **Featured photo courtesy of Chicago Beer Geeks.