Beer of the Month Club - June 2016

Mr. Beer recently signed up for Beer of the Month Club as yet another way to try different beers from around the country. After this first tasting, we're definitely glad we decided to sign up! Beer of the Month Club has been around for more than 22 years. Each month, you will receive award-winning, hard-to-find craft beers from around the country that have been specially selected by Beer of the Month Club's panel of brewmasters. You will get to choose from 3 different membership types, which range in price, and include the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club, the U.S. and International Variety Beer Club, and the International Beer Club. Additionally, they offer a unique Rare Beer Club option, which sends you limited-release or exclusive U.S. and imported craft beers. Truly, there is an option for everyone no matter what you're looking for! This month, we got a great variety pack that included a pale ale, English special ale, white IPA and a chocolate porter.

SMaSH Sorachi Ace American Pale Ale by Sand Creek Brewing

Beer of the Month Club - American Pale Ale Photo courtesy of Beer of the Month Club

Aroma Biscuit, toasty and sweet malt accompanied by piney and grassy hops. Appearance Pale or slightly golden color, nice clear clarity and diminishing head with no lacing. Flavor Biscuit, grainy and toasty malt character, leafy and herbal hop notes from the Sorachi Ace and a clean yeast. Mouthfeel Light to moderate mouthfeel with decent carbonation.  Overall Tasting Notes This pale ale is a solid representation of the pale ale style. The addition of Sorachi Ace hops added a nice earthy, bitter kick that was unusual, but welcomed, for a pale ale.

Emergent White IPA by Boulder Beer

Beer of the Month Club - White IPA Photo courtesy of Beer of the Month Club

Aroma Sweet, biscuit malt aromas with a nice floral and citrus hop nose. Reminiscent of fresh pollen. Appearance Pale in color, slightly hazy in clarity and a fizzy, creamy head. Flavor Sweet malt backbone with floral and citrus hop notes. Estery yeast flavor. Mouthfeel Light-bodied but creamy. Overall Tasting Notes Good clean take on an IPA. There was a bit of spice that gave it a nice kick. Balanced and very refreshing.

English Style Special Ale by Sand Creek Brewing

Beer of the Month Club - English Style Ale Photo courtesy of Beer of the Month Club

Aroma Caramel and chocolate malt notes, earthy hops and a clean yeast. Appearance Amber/ copper colored, hazy to cloudy clarity and a diminishing head retention. Flavor Biscuit, chocolate and nutty malt flavors with earthy and herbal hops. Mouthfeel Heavy mouthfeel. Overall Tasting Notes A nice English style beer with a heavy malt flavor accompanied by minimal hops. Great afternoon-type beer.

Shake Chocolate Porter by Boulder Beer

Beer of the Month Club - Chocolate PorterPhoto courtesy of Boulder Beer

Aroma Sweet chocolate malt and earthy hops. Appearance Dark brown color standard of a porter with a cloudy clarity and lasting, lacy head. Flavor Chocolate! A hint of dark fruit malt and slight floral hops. Mouthfeel Medium to light bodied and very creamy. Overall Tasting Notes If you're looking for a chocolate dessert beer, look no further! This beer is heavy, complex, and loaded with chocolate goodness.