Can you bottle & brew using the same sanitizer solution?

Can you use the same sanitizing solution for bottling & brewing on the same day? We break it all down in this episode of BrewTalk with Mr. Beer. 

A lot of times if you’re working on being an efficient brewer you will bottle your beer then brew up another batch on the same day.

This helps keep your beer pipeline flowing and since your already in the process of sanitizing and cleaning everything it just helps to put a batch of beer back into that fermenter as well.

A question we see quite often when people are doing this is can you use the same sanitizing solution to sanitize your bottles & your keg for your new brew?

The answer is you can, as long as you are getting it all done in a decent amount of time.

In one of our previous videos, we talked about how long our No-Rinse cleanser will last once it is mixed up. Once the solution is mixed we advise that is will be at is most effective up to 3 hours.

So if you are able to sanitize your bottles, bottle your beer, clean your fermenter, and then sanitize your equipment within the 3-hour time frame then you should be good to go.

If you are going to bottle your beer, then come back later in the day to brew a batch of beer I would suggest mixing up a new batch of No-Rinse cleanser.

When it comes to sanitizing it is always better to be safe than sorry. That’s also why we recommend always having a few extra packets of sanitizing solution on hand just in case.

This same concept of bottling and brewing on the same day with the same sanitizer would also work if you are brewing multiple batches on a day. If you are going to brew 2-3 batches back to back, then you will be fine to use the same sanitizing solution to sanitize each of your fermenters.