Do you add your hopsack to your fermenter after a hop boil?

This is a question that we get all the time with our recipes. So we thought it would be helpful to clear the air!

When brewing any of our recipes you will always leave the hopsack in the fermenter unless the instructions tell you to take it out.

This goes for any adjunct that you might be using, zest, oak chips, cacao nibs, hops, etc. If the instructions do not tell you to take it out then it goes into your fermenter for the duration of fermentation.

Leaving your hops in during fermentation will add a touch (very small amount) of flavor and aroma to your brew. Now boiling hops does reduce the impact of hop flavor in aroma, but you get some great bitterness out of the hops.

If you are looking to get more flavor and aroma from your hops then you will want to add them either when you take your pot off the heat. Throw them in and let it sit for a minute. You can also add them later as a dry hop.

So to wrap it up and make it clear, you will always leave your hopsack in the fermenter unless the instructions tell you otherwise.