Goblet Glass

There are nights where you may just want to kick back in your recliner and have a few glasses of easy-drinking, cold beer. We get it. But, there are going to be nights where you want to dress up, drink strong, malty, kick-you-in-the-taste-buds craft beer from the fanciest glass you can find... and that's where the goblet glass comes in to play. The goblet glass looks like something straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail: long, thick stem with a wide mouthed bowl-like cup on top. Goblets can also be called chalices, however, a chalice usually has thicker walls and is heavier than a standard goblet glass. Sometimes you may just want to drink from a goblet because it looks cool. However, there are specific types of beers that should be enjoyed from a goblet, and here's why:


While many glasses are made to fit a specific amount of beer, the goblet glass can hold much more than your standard bottle or can. For example, a pint glass holds a pint of beer (duh), so you aren't going to fit any more than that in one serving. Goblets and chalices come in a variety of sizes, so you can purchase a large goblet glass that will hold much more beer than your standard glass. And more beer is always a good thing.

Wide Mouth

The wide mouth of a goblet or chalice is designed for taking large sips of your beer. Typically, you put heavy, malty beers in goblet glasses, so it makes sense you will want to take large, indulgent sips of these strong beers. Additionally, the wide mouth of the goblet glass helps with head retention. Darker, maltier beers typically have a lasting, thick head, and the goblet glass will help maintain and showcase that head. So what styles of beer should you be putting in the fanciest glass you own?

If you're looking to brew your own beer that will compliment your goblet glass, Mr. Beer has a few great options:

  • Chewbeerca Belgian IPA  - At 8.3% ABV, this high octane beer emits strong spicy notes from the Belgian yeast, and dank earthy notes from the Columbus, Nugget and Warrior hop additions.
  • Abbey Dubbel - Supremely balanced and utterly delightful, this Belgian will be sure to impress.