Great Beers to Try This Spring!

Mild and negligible as they may be for parts of the Country, the subtle signs of spring are starting to appear… With those changes comes lots of new beer releases; not just for us here, at Mr. Beer, but across the craft beer industry. Breweries all over the nation look forward to a flourishing of limited ingredients and inspiration that this season of growth has to offer. It is probably no secret to you that we draw a lot of inspiration for our homebrew recipes, from these anticipated brewery releases. This Spring, we invite you to try some beers along with us! Below you will find just a few of the tasty brews that we plan to draw inspiration from this year. Don’t be shy, we want to know what you try! Get your hands on some of these great beers and let us know in the comments, what you would like us to create a Mr. Beer recipe, for! Cannot find any of these suggestions? Let us know what other beers you would like to see become “Mr. Beerafied”!

Found Fortune Double IPA: Left Hand Brewing Co.

“A treasure trove of tropical fruit & citrus from El Dorado, Galaxy, Citra, Comet & Cascade hops.”

Dry-hopped with El Dorado, Galaxy, and Citra, this Double IPA boasts a wealth of candied orange, juicy tropical fruits, and fresh-squeezed grapefruit. 2-Row, Wheat, Rolled Oats lend a sturdy base with a silky mouthfeel while still allowing the hops to truly shine. This beer is hazy and golden bronze in appearance, boasting a rust ABV of 8.1% coupled with a noticeable, yet still a drinkable, 55 IBU.

Available starting late winter 2021.

Raspberry Mango Shebang Fruited Sour: Troegs Independent Brewing Co.

“Sometimes you just know. This marriage of juicy mango and red raspberries was a sure thing. The perfectly paired tropical and tangy notes of the fruit are propped up by a rich foundation of oats, honey malt, and pilsner malt. The first fermentation with lactobacillus ups the tart kick, and a second pass with Hornindal Kveik yeast adds subtle notes of tropical pineapple. A shot of milk sugar softens the sharpness of the fruit and makes the whole shabang a sweet and tart celebration.”

This brew boasts a pillow-soft mouth feel to cushion the bright pop of the acids. When we look closely, we see this beer is more complex than it’s funky, bright label would have you believe! With a 7% (unusual for a sour) ABV, it is no weakling, either. So, proceed with caution.

Releases once a year, see brewery for details.

Panther Cub Bourbon Barrel-aged porter with maple and vanilla: Founders Brewing Co.

“A robust porter, Panther Cub is aged in the finest bourbon barrels available along with a kiss of maple syrup and vanilla extract. The aroma of maple and vanilla notes combine with a surprisingly deep character to make this rare creature one to gaze upon fondly. Don’t let it fool you, this kitty has claws.”

This NOT your average porter. Layer on silky layer of flavor come together to deliver this deep and complex brew! It packs quite wallop at 9.2% ABV!

Releases in March 2021

Orabelle Belgian Style Ale: Great Divide Brewing Co.

“ORABELLE is brewed with barley, wheat, oats, and rye. This Belgian-Style Tripel is a golden beauty. Its two yeast strains, orange peel, and a dash of coriander impart surprising complexity and richness to this delicate ale. Do not let Orabelle’s “demure” nature fool you; this is one flavorful pour. Watch out, she’s a charmer – one sip and you’ll be in love.”

This spicy Belgian beauty is complex and changes as it warms in your glass. This is a beer best enjoyed slowly, appreciating all its unique features. Another ABV that does not let you down, sitting at a robust 8.3%.

Available February-April


Feeling more interested in brewing something for this late winter/spring, rather than buying it? Well, I have you covered there, too! Below I have provided some awesome recipes you can find on our website, RIGHT NOW!



Flavor: Malty

Original Gravity: 1.078

Final Gravity: 1.020

ABV: 7.5%

SRM: (Color): 15

IBU: (Bitterness): 40

So, you might be thinking that Stouts just aren’t “seasonably appropriate” beyond the cold days of mid-winter, right? Well maybe you’re not actually thinking that but let's just pretend you are, for the sake of my ego (heh, heh) Either way, if you want a glorious, “year-round” stout recipe, this is for you. Brew Master Zach’s rendition of this “Blonde Stout”, allows you to get the smooth and silky mouthfeel of a stout, with a lighter, yet still incredibly complex flavor. Offering a clean finish, flanked by a pop of smooth, roasty, coffee, and the delightful aroma of vanilla, it’s hard to justify a reason not to brew this one up! WANT IT NOW? Just click here



Flavor: Sweet

Original Gravity: 1.074

Final Gravity: 1.029

ABV: 6%

SRM: (Color): 32

IBU: (Bitterness): 50

Remember those chocolate, brandy, and cherry-filled candies your mother used to snack on when you weren’t looking? Maybe? Well, this recipe is exactly that, but now, just like you, it’s all grown up. One sip and you will swoon. Brew Master Ashley dove straight into her memories for this one! Layers of dark malts and chocolate play together with the sweetness of brandied cherries and silky lactose; this decadent, full-bodied dessert-stout aims to become the queen of YOUR heart. WANT IT NOW? Just click here



Flavor: Saison

Original Gravity: 1.053

Final Gravity: 1.011

ABV: 5.7%

SRM: (Color): 5

IBU: (Bitterness): 40

What is more appropriate for the emergence of spring than a beer a called “Pint of sunshine”? The answer? Probably other beers that also have the word “sunshine” in the name… Obviously, but right now we are talking about “this one”! Okay, enough funny business, the bottom line is; once this brew hits your lips, a smile is sure to follow! The bright and dynamic pops of fruit and sugared citrus make this beer great for warmer days, but the spice of the Saison yeast keeps it interesting and makes a great brew for those “hot day, cold day”, wishy-washy seasonal transitions. This beer is smooth and refreshing with a moderate ABV that lets you enjoy more than one… You will be glad too because you’re going to want a few! WANT IT NOW? Just click here



Flavor: Wheat

Original Gravity: 1.059

Final Gravity: 1.013

ABV: 6%

SRM: (Color): 5

IBU: (Bitterness): 30

If you are a fan of wheat beers but are seeking something with something more comparable to the refreshing character of a lager, but with all the flavor of those wheat-based brews, look no further. This is a beer that until now, has not been well or easily replicated by home brewers lacking advanced filtration systems. Luckily, our Brew Master’s have some tricks up their sleeves! This beer hits the palate with a bouquet of fruit esters, typical of wheat beers but finishes clean and pairs beautifully with food or is great all by itself, too. With an aroma of noble hops and notes of banana, this wheat beer is a winner, and a solid ode to the German classic it pays tribute to! WANT IT NOW? Just click here