Just like every other year, Mr. Beer was the underdog favorite at the Great Tucson Beer Fest. If we had a dollar for every time we heard "You brewed this beer with one of your kits?!"… Well let's just say we could buy ourselves a lot of beer. The big hit on this year's tap was our Raspberry Wheat. This recipe combines tart qualities of both raspberries and wheat to produce a crisp and fruity beer. Several Tucson Beer Fest patrons said this was one of their favorite fruit beers at the whole event. Needless to say, we tapped out in a little over two hours. If you want to try this beer for yourself, you can buy it for just $26.88. The Great Tucson Beer Fest is an annual event benefitting Sun Sounds. This year, Tucson Beer Fest celebrated their 28th anniversary with over 200 breweries, free food from local restaurants, and live entertainment. Sun Sounds of Arizona helps people with disabilities gain access to print media by providing them audio access.