How are Mr. Beer’s New Advanced Brewing Recipes Different?

We launched some new recipes last week dubbed our advanced brewing series. So we thought it would be helpful to break down what the difference is between these and our other recipes.

I saw some comments on this in the Facebook group so I thought it would be worth addressing.

The main difference between these recipes and our other ones is that these do not use Hopped Malt Extract as a base. Instead, they use either UME or DME as the main base for your brew.

Now this will change up the brewing method a little bit. The first thing is that you will have to do longer boils.

Since there is no bitterness from hops in the UME or DME all the bitterness has to be done by hop boils. So if you will notice all of these recipes require around 60+ minutes of boil time to brew.

The basic premiums of how to brew one of these recipes are that you will do your grain steep which is usually around 30 minutes. Then you will mix in your UME or DME and then that will boil for another 30 or 60 minutes depending on the style and hop additions that are required.

Other than that the brewing process is the same. The only other thing you will need is a larger pot. At least 1 gallon depending on the recipe, I would recommend getting a 2 gallon just so you have the extra space.

Brewing this way is more of a traditional brewing style and kind of the next brewing step for those looking to brew beyond hop malt extract but who do not want to get into all-grain brewing.

So if you are feeling up to it give this a try, they are all awesome recipes, and keep an eye out for more of them in the future.