How long will your beer last in plastic bottles?

A question we see quite often is how long can I condition my beer for in my bottles? Depending on what types of bottles you are using that time may vary.

At Mr. Beer, we sell our PET 740mL bottles which are great. They are lightweight, shatterproof. They are a perfect size so one 740mL bottle is about 2 12oz beers. Plus, you can perform the squeeze test on them to tell if they are carbonated on not, which is very useful!

However, if you are looking for long term aging of beer, 6 months or longer then they might not work so well.

When looking at long term storage of beer, so if you want to condition it for 6 months or longer then we would suggest using something other than plastic bottles.

What will happen is that over long periods of time oxygen can start to get into the bottle and this will start to oxidize your beer and it will also lose carbonation.

Now, over time this will also happen with glass bottles but that time frame is much longer.

So if you have some big beers that you want to age for 6 months or longer then we suggest using glass bottles when you bottle.

Anything under 6 months your pet bottles will work just fine. They are great for a number of things, but long term beer storage is not one of them.