How quickly can your beer be done fermenting?

Can your beer really be done fermenting in 10-14 days? We let you know in this episode of BrewTalk with Mr. Beer.

I have seen this question a few times so I thought it would be helpful to break it all down for how quickly a beer can truly be done fermenting.

If you are brewing any of our standard refills, we give you the time frame of 10-14 days for the brewing process. Often times you will try your beer on day 10 and it seems to your surprise it tastes like flat beer, but you think there is no way it is done, well it is!

We have done countless tests in our brew room and we work with Coopers brewery very closely to develop our instructions for brewing.

One key to our products is the Coopers yeast that we use. It is a descendent from distillers yeast so it has a very fast and robust fermentation and it can be fermented at slightly warmer temperatures.

Now, with any fermentation, the primary fermentation takes place in the first 72 hours. After that has passed the yeast is cleaning up the more complex sugars and any possibly off-flavors that may be present from the fermentation process.

We give that extra 4-day window on the refills just to make sure the yeast can clean up those flavors and if your temperature is off that extra time will help as well.

Our recipes are a little different they will either ferment for 14 or 21 days depending on how big the recipe is. But again with these, the primary fermentation is done in 72 hours, and the rest of the time the yeast is eating those complex sugars and cleaning up any off-flavors.

So yes, your Mr. Beer Standard Refills can be done fermenting in as little as 10 days. Which is awesome if you're looking for a quick amazing beer to brew.

Always remember to follow your instructions, the best up to date instructions are on the website, sanitize everything, and make sure your brewing temperatures are consistent.