How to easily brew hard cider with Mr. Beer

Making hard cider is pretty simple, but we wanted to break down what you will need to do it in this episode of BrewTalk with Mr. Beer.

I have noticed a few questions where people are asking if they can use their LBK to make hard cider.

The answer is yes you can, the LBK is perfect for fermenting any beverage of choice.

To make hard cider it is pretty simple. You need your fermenter, cleanser, yeast, bottles, and apple juice.

Picking the juice can be the hardest part for most people. The best option is fresh-pressed juice, you can press it yourself or you can purchase freshly pressed juice from a local orchard or farmers market.

You can also buy juice from the grocery store, just make sure it is free of preservatives like sorbates.

When brewing its pretty simple, make sure you sanitize your equipment. Then you need enough juice to fill your LBK up to line 2 on the back. It is about 2.25 gallons of juice.

You add in the juice, give it a little stir for some aeration then pitch your yeast. We have used S-04 for a long time with our cider and it works well.

Then you let it ferment for 2 weeks and carbonate and bottle.

This will get you a cider that is around 5% ABV and will be dry.

There are all kinds of different things you can do with cider, you can add fruit, different adjusts like brown sugar or you can use different juice like pear and make a pear cider.

Cider is a fun way to experiment and try some new things.