Everyone enjoys all kinds of different beers. So I thought it would be helpful to break down how to pick the right beer kit for a person based on what type of beer they drink.

Within our beer kits, there are 7 different styles that you can select from. Each one of these will produce a different beer that is a particular style.
For the kit styles, we have our American Lager, Long Play IPA, Golden Ale, Bewitched Amber Ale, Northwest Pale Ale, Diablo IPA, or our Bonus kit which is a variety that has our Canadian Blonde & Oktoberfest lager.

Now what we are going to attempt to do is based on popular styles or commercial beer pair that with the right style of kit.

So to start we will look at the American Lager. If you are a fan or the person you are buying this for, enjoys beers like Sam Adams, Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors, or anything along those lines then this would be the kit style best suited for you.

So now for our IPA’s. In this one, I will include our Long Play & our Diablo. Now I do want to note that these are very different IPAs. The Long Play is a much lighter IPA. It is lighter in color and not as bitter as the Diablo. The Diablo is darker and more bitter. Now if you enjoy any IPA or the person you are shopping for does, I would pick the Long Play over the Diablo. It is just a better introduction beer than the Diablo.

Now onto our Golden Ale. This beer would be for the person who enjoys blonde-style ales. These are mostly craft-style beers. But they are light in flavor, and not very hoppy. They are well-balanced and easy to drink. Also, if you are unsure what kind of beer the person who you are getting this for drinks, then this would be the best kit to get. It makes a great beer that everyone enjoys.

Our Northwest Pale Ale is going to be for those who enjoy beers like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Or any other pale for that manner. This is a lighter beer style with mild bitterness. So more bitterness than our Golden Ale or Lager but less than our IPAs.

Our Bewitched Amber ale is an interesting beer. It is a darker beer with more malty flavors. The most popular Amber Ale is Fat Tire. This beer is similar to that, but I think maltier and has less hop flavor.

Lastly, our Bonus Kit has our Canadian Blonde & Oktoberfest. These are two baseline styles that anyone can enjoy. This is also another kit if you are unsure of what to get grab this one.