How to store malt, hops, yeast and grains if you are not brewing right away.

In this video, we break down the best ways for you to store your homebrewing ingredients in-between brews, Cheers!

Often times things come up and you are not able to brew right away, or we have such an awesome sale going that you stock up on a few different brews.

Now unless you have built out an awesome brewhouse and you have 4 LBK’s going at any one time it could take a few weeks or months to move through 3 or 4 different recipes depending on what you are brewing, so it is critical that you ingredients are stored properly.

This will help them last longer and also stay fresh.

For this, we will tell you how to store your cans of malt, hops, yeast, and grains.

When storing your cans of HME or packets of LME it is pretty easy to store. You want to store them in a cool place that does not have huge fluxations in temperature. The best place is typically somewhere in your house.

Now if you are to store malt in your garage for example and the temperature goes up and down a lot and gets hot, that is okay, but you don’t want to do pro-longed storage like that. A few weeks tops. The best place is inside your house.

Now looking at grains, you also want to keep these in a nice cool place. All of our grains come milled already and sealed in a bag. If you are going to be storing these grains for a long time you can put them in an airtight container and leave them someplace cool and dry. Humidity is not good for grains.

For hops and yeast, you will want to store those in your fridge and if you are looking at long term storage you can put them in your freezer. The cold will help prevent the hops from going bad as well as the yeast. Just remember to pull them out of the fridge or freezer an hour or so before you start brewing.

Alright so to recap, malt in a nice cool place, preferably inside your house, grains in a nice cool place preferable in an airtight container and hops and yeast in your refrigerator or your freezer.