3 Velvety Milk Stouts for Celebrating International Stout Day

It's International Stout Day today! For our celebratory tasting we chose to focus on Milk Stouts, one of which was a Nitro brew. Though Stouts are known for their roasty, smoky, malt flavor and smooth mouthfeel, Milk Stouts also have to carry just the right amount of lactose sweetness. Finding this balance, while maintaining a full body, is what creates a standout Milk Stout. Our own Angry Bovine Milk Stoutfits the bill, but we thought we'd get a taste of some popular craft brew takes on the style. We also wanted to see what a Nitro variation on the style would taste like, since Nitro beers tend to have a unique mouthfeel and flavor notes. Be sure to pour your Nitro beer right when tasting - a soft, standard pour will not allow for the pillow-soft unrolling of the beer's head, or the correct flavor to emerge. Instead, turn the bottle upside down over your glass and let it pour fast and hard.

Wet Snout Milk Stout – Sleepy Dog Brewery

Wet Snout Milk Stout

Appearance Pours a clear, root beer color, with a creamy, diminishing head. Aroma This stout smells like sweet, roasty, biscuit malts; earthy, grassy hops; and clean yeast. Flavor Roasty, sweet, biscuit, nutty malts; herbal hops; and clean yeast. We definitely tasted the light creamy sweetness of the lactose too. Mouthfeel Goes down with a medium-to-full body, moderate carbonation, and a smooth, long finish. Overall Tasting Notes "No overwhelming sweetness and missing the stout body," "not your typical stout," "light stout, mild toasty and dark malt afternotes," "roasty and bitter but otherwise empty," "mild, slightly sweet," and "a bit light for a stout, but easy to drink."  

Nitro Milk Stout – Left Hand Brewing

Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout

Appearance This nitro stout pours a hazy, black tone with a creamy, lasting head that seems to ascend from the bottom of the glass when the bottle is poured correctly (flipping the bottle completely over for a hard pour). Aroma Sweet, chocolate malts; earthy hops; and clean yeast. Flavor Tastes of sweet, chocolate, coffee malt; and herbal hops. Mouthfeel Such a creamy, full body, it's like chocolate milk or a silky mocha. Overall Tasting Notes "One of my favorites," "light; smooth feel," "sweet notes and aroma," "light flavorful nitro stout" and "not bad, but not a personal fan of nitro beers."  

Milk Stout – Left Hand Brewing

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout

Appearance Pours a hazy, jet black with a lasting head. Aroma Smells like chocolate, roasty malts and earthy hops. Flavor We tasted roasty, chocolate, biscuit malt; lactose sweetness; and herbal hops. Mouthfeel This stout certainly had the fullest body. Overall Tasting Notes "Overall favorite in the group with good overall flavor, pour and aroma," "best beer of the tasting," "chocolate coffee notes, nice head retention, cloying finish," "more esters than I remember," and "one of the best milk stouts out there - smooth, full bodied, and rich."