Interview with Josh Bernstein About The New Mr.Beer Forum
Meet Josh, the Project Manager at Mr. Beer. Project Manager is really a fancy term for "the guy who does everything around here." Josh has been the main person at Mr. Beer overseeing the new forum development, and he wanted to tell everyone just how great the new, and improved, Mr. Beer forum is going to be!  Q: Why is Mr. Beer creating a new forum? The Mr. Beer Community Forum has always been a place for our brewers to congregate and learn from each other, as well as share their brewing experiences with fellow hobbyists. A little over a year ago, Mr. Beer changed forum software and the results were a bit lackluster for our users. While the new forum was a more robust system overall, we lost a lot of user end functionality (which was not our intention!) We've learned a lot from last year's missteps, which is why our new system is more feature rich than ever, as well as technically tried and true. Q: What are some of the features this new forum will have? Among the typical forum functionality, this new community has dozens of new and awesome features.  Within the forum, users will be able to subscribe to topics, utilize robust post and topic editing tools, multi-quote numerous posts, attach images both from their computer as well as their own personal uploads archive, plus much more! Along with feature-rich public and private calendars, user image galleries for sharing their setups and brews, instant message chat within the community, and a super robust search to find the exact thing you're looking for. One of the most talked about features that was missed in our last community was the lack of private messaging. To the appeasement of many of our long term users, we've brought this feature back along with all legacy private messages. Q: What are the different topics people can discuss on the forum? We have our forum broken down into categories that fit the needs of our community users. We have a great section for newcomers to post their questions, as well as areas for advanced brewers to discuss various equipment strategies and brewing recipes. If you are a brewer, or want to become one, our forum will be perfect for you. Q: If someone has used the forum in the past, how do they sign in to the new forum? We were able to bring over all current passwords to the new community forum, so users will just have to log in as they normally would. For new users, account creation is easier than ever too. Q: How do you sign up if you have never used the forum before? To sign up is easy! You just have to click a nice little orange button in the top right of the community page labeled "Create Account," and upon filling out the information you'll be good to go. Q: What is your favorite feature the new forum brings to users?  My favorite feature is the calendar. The ability to keep track of your brews in private as well as check out all the public meet-ups and events around the country is a great thing to have.