Interview with Black Bottle Brewery's Founder and Head Brewmaster: Sean Nook

This month, our Craft Brewery Series limited edition recipe was a collaboration with Fort Collins's Black Bottle Brewery. We replicated their monthly Cerealiously milk stout, which uses a different cereal in the beer each month. Our recipe uses Lucky Charms and is magically delicious!

Black Bottle Brewery not only has their own craft beers on tap, they also feature beers from craft brewery favorites around the country as well as having mead, wine and liquor for those odd balls who don't like beer. They offer a full food menu as well! In a state that is bursting at the seams with the craft beer revolution, Black Bottle Brewery has managed to stand out above the crowd with their unique, world-class ales and lagers in a funky and fun environment. If you are in the area, don't miss the opportunity to check this place out!

We had a chance to chat with Black Bottle's founder and head brewmaster, Sean Nook, about how he began brewing, his favorite beer to brew, and the biggest challenges he faced when deciding to pursue his dream of opening a brewery.


WARNING: The interview below contains language that some may find offensive. However, as the head Brewmaster, Sean's answers capture the atmosphere and attitude of this cool brewery, and we thought editing any other way would be a disservice to their brand.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and Black Bottle Brewing:

I was a auto technician for 13 years and decided to say f*ck it. Then I opened a brewery with my wife Erin. I homebrewed for 8 years before we opened and decided to make my hobby my JOB.

Q: Tell us about your first brewing experience: 

I still remember my first batch of homebrew. It was an amber ale and I thought it was the best ever. Funny looking back it was probably crap. Home brewers ROCK by the way...

Q: What has been the biggest challenge in the transition from homebrewing to opening your own brewery?

Operating a brewery. Dealing with people and employees. Owning a brewery is 80% business and 20 % brewing which is mainly cleaning...

Q: What is your favorite beer to brew?

New recipes. Creating new and innovated beers that people are not doing.

Q: If you could share a beer with one person, who would it be?

The Queen of England. I think that would be great. We would enjoy a Breakfast  Stout with our breakfast.  

Q: Any advice for new homebrewers? 

Always do it in the garage..

Q: Any advice for homebrewers looking to take the next step in opening up a brewery?

Realize that it is a business, not a hang out club. Also it is way harder then you think. GOOD LUCK! Also, be able to fix sh*t yourself.