Most Popular Beer Recipes by Beer Style

Happy National Beer Lover's Day! We decided that the best way to celebrate beer lovers all over the nation is to list our most beloved beer recipes by beer style. The best of the best. Allow us to show off how loved these beers are by our beer-loving Mr. Beer brewers with the glowing reviews they've left on our product pages!

Amber Ale – That Voodoo That You Do

"I prefer darker beers, and this is a beautiful dark amber, with a thick, creamy head. I'm no beer aficionado, so the taste is hard to put into words, but it is smooth and rich. I love drinking this beer with a grilled steak!" – Boat Guy 22 "Smooth, great tasting beer and the aroma as you tilt the glass is unbelievable; a mix of caramel and malt that makes your mouth water before the beer even gets there. This is my favorite Mr. Beer recipe so far!" – Mitch LeRoux "My daughter works as the alcohol specialist for a large supermarket chain, certified in beer and wine tasting. She tasted this and was so impressed she wanted to know if this recipe was being produced by any major breweriesthat are marketing it under another name." – Man Cave Brewer

American Pale Ale – Horse's Ass Ale

"This one plays like a slightly hoppy cream ale. It tastes good without much conditioning, too. A winner." – KingKong "I picked it based on its description, and thought it sounded good. It completely met my expectations. Just the right amount of hops and just a hint of the honey. Every bit as good as Commercial Beers. I'll be brewing this many times over."  – fugnuts

Belgian Beer – Chewbeerca Belgian IPA

"Nice and hoppy, and you can feel the higher ABV after one bottle. I love IPAs and saw this and had to try it. The brewing process was fun and adding the hops was a treat. And the price is right." – Falconmatt "This is the third brew I've ever made and it came out great! Easy to follow directions and overall a real tasty beer. If you like ipas you will love this." – Pip101 "Awesome Beer. This is My new Fave! The Taste. The Ingredients, The Higher ABV & The Pricefor all You get makes this a Hit with Me!! I also like the little more involved brewing process! Ordered more and will be ordering more in the future!!" – JoeyBoy

British Pale Ale – Camilla's Folly

"Malty, slightly hoppy, smooth, not bitter in the least, and just addictingly good and true to the style." – ICEdaddy "Spot on! This beer is exactly like local English ales I'd had overseas. Just enough malt, just enough bitter." – BenderIsGreat34 "If you remotely like Stouts, this beer is very hard not to enjoy. VERY dark when poured from the bottle. Great chocolatey taste, with just a hint of coffee flavors." – Corbonzo

Brown/Red Ale – Rose's Rambling Red

"I brewed this to celebrate the opening of trout fishing season. It was created to be the feature addition to our tailgate. We loved it! Paired with fresh venison sausage it was a hit with the crew. Hoppy fresh and crisp. Loved it! Will definitely brew it again!" – New England Dav "I've been brewing Mr. Beers for about four years. My favorites use the Oktoberfest HME, and Rose's Rambling Red is the best of those. Great malty flavor, smooth, not real hoppy tasting- which is what I like. My friends keep telling me it's so good I should enter it in a brewing contest-and I keep telling them it's not mine recipe, it's Mr. Beer. Great stuff!" – Charlie M

Cider – Booberry Gobbler

"As for the flavor; the blueberry taste is subtle, but it's just enough to smooth out the tartness of the apples. I like a drier cider, but there is just enough residual sweetness here for those who want something more dessert-like. I like to give out samples, and this one got rave reviews from everyone. It's the perfect balance of flavors; possibly the best hard cider recipe in Mr. Beer's lineup." – KingKong "Easy instructions resulted in a quality cider that has a hint of summer in it. This is still a drier cider, closer to an amber and less of a sweet taste than most commercial ciders." – Your Pal Dave

Fruit/Spice Beer – Apple Brown Beery

"Much better than that 'apple flavored' beer that's on the market. It's like a hard cider with extra body and an extra dimension of flavor. Be careful, though, this is a strong one; one glass and you are pretty 'happy.' This definitely isn't a session drink." – KingKong "Oktoberfest meets Hard Cider in this strong fall brew -- a nice balance of malt, brown sugar and apple that will warmyour <place appropriate noun here>." – StauHausBrew

German/Czech Beer – Uncle Monkey's Dunkel

"This is an excellent dunkel! My wife even loved it and she doesn't like dark beers. Dark but very smooth and lite flavor. Will brew this again for sure." – Bettasplash "Great tasting beer, smooth. I like to share with all my neighbors and friends. Everyone liked it!" – Ronimal

IPA – Surly Dog IPA

"Everything had turned out smoothly and the beer tasted amazing. To my surprise, it was nicely carbonated with good head retention and lacing. Honey was noticeable in the flavor and the rest of the beer was very smooth. Will do this one again." – IonRedline "Had my first bottle of this liquid gold you call 'Surly Dog IPA'. This is by far my best Mr. Beer recipe that I've made/drank. It was so smooth, not overly hoppy, great head retention throughout the entire glass, great after taste, and had a good 'bite' given the over 8% abv. Probably one of the best IPA's I've ever tasted." – Bachs Brews "The hoppy flavor profiles were amazing. The abv was out of this world. My wife doesn't like beer as a rule, but first sip of this Surly Dog, she fell in love!We drank 24 bottles of this in less than 2 weeks." – Jason Sullivan

Irish/Scottish Beer – Howling Red Ale

"I brewed this beer and another red for my mother-in-law who only drinks a certain red beer that starts with a K and is Irish. This beer was enjoyed by everyone who tried it. Malty sweet, slightly dry finish, and very tasty!" – C_ya "I am a fan of English pale ales. First thing I do when I get off the plane is find a pub and order up a pint of 'bitter'. This recipe would be at home in any pub. Beautiful, jewel-like color, excellent, natural carbonation, and a wonderful balance of flavor - not the bite of an IPA. Just opened my second batch of this, and I've got a third in the fermenter right now. As Jethro Tull put it, 'Pass the cup of crimson wonder!'" – boolefoole "This beer came out PERFECTLY! It was so smooth to drink, with just a hint of sweetness and a lot of hoppy flavor. I would recommend for all beer drinkers." – Scott S.

Lager – El Gordito Mexican Lager

"I have been a fan of Mr. Beer products since I first started to buy them, I have had some great success people love the beers! This one is definitely up there in the top of my brews I have made with Mr. Beer! I love the partial mash recipes, extract brewing is great but partial mash takes it to another level without having to spend hundreds of dollars upgrading to all grain brewing! Keep it up." – jron40 "Nice head and lacing, incredible hop aroma and a crisp well balanced flavor." – herodthegreat

Specialty – Fresco Chile Lime Beer

"I bought this about 2 months ago because the store sells a chili beer that I love so I thought I would give this a try. WOW, is all I can say, this is right up my alley. Nice hint of jalapeáos that will numb your lips after a few! I like the hint of lime, which I also serve it with a lime wedge. If you like jalapeáos, lime and beer? This is the beer for you!!! I really enjoy it and cannot wait to share it with my dad...." – Bigdave "Just hot enough to keep the bite and wanting more. It was one of the first Mr. Beer homebrews I've made where I wanted to save to have some of my friends who all-grain and competition brewers try. And they gave it great reviews. One who is a BCP judge said it could have scored in the high 30s or better." – Brian "I used 3 jalapenos with the seeds and also used the juice from the lime in addition to the zest. The beer came out exactly as I had hoped--light and refreshing, but then with a nice back burn down my throat. I thought it was outstanding; just a unique, flavorful beer.. If you like a little heat, this is definitely a beer that you should experience. I will definitely be brewing this one again." – ZRowsdower

Stout/Porter – Sunday Morning Coming Down

"This brew is a full mouth, smooth, tasty blend that has a beautiful head and a lovely color. Make this--if you like stouts you will be impressed. Bottles became part of holiday baskets given to our co-workers, friends, and care-givers that included a loaf of crusty home baked french bread, homemade cream and ricotta cheese spreads, and home cured elk jerky. Wow were they a hit! Our only regret is that we hadn't made more but the bathroom was full of vats! (It's the only room in our house with a constant warm temperature in winter!)" – Outdoors Girl "I like darker beer with unique twist. This is it! Even non beer drinkers ask for more." – Mexclan "Being a coffee lover and a fan of the recipe title, I had to try this one. No disappointments here. Dark color, full bodied, nice creamy head, good carbonation, and that coffee aftertaste.I got the espresso from a coffee shop that makes it the old fashioned way instead of where they just push the button. This is a good one to have with a dessert or AS a dessert." – Tim

Strong Beer – Gila Monster Black IPA

"Taking the advice from other reviews, I conditioned my beer for 6 weeks. All my friends who love black IPAs waited patiently. They were shocked by the quality of this homemade brew; everybody stating it was the best they have had, barring none, from the best microbrews. I am not sure if I will ever be able to impress them with another beer again." – JCro80 "This definitely improves with conditioning. I recommend no less than 6 weeks conditioning at room temperature. I shared this with a few friends and got nothing but compliments. The taste and bitterness are not overpowering but linger long after the beer is gone. This goes great with Beef or Pork." – Time the Toolman

Wheat Beer – Wild Wheat

"Through Mr. Beer I have been searching for my go-to-brew for quite some time. I believe that I have found it in Wild Wheat. Where I live Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat is the undisputed champion of beers. I believe Wild Wheat has knocked Boulevard down a notch. I followed the directions to the "T" and now am looking forward to adjusting and tweaking the brew to make it even better." – hammer "I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a balanced flavor with a nice kick. I purchased extra ingredient(s) (Wheat Yeast and Hallertau Hops) for the brew and it turned out great. I was fortunate enough to try my sample bottle for the first time with some Sushi and I was blown away by how good it was! I'm looking to brew some more after I finish my little project with some other recipes. Cheers!" – lttosai