Outstanding Things Mr. Beer Achieved in 2016

Why not finish the year by remembering the things that went really well? Seems like a good practice to me. In case you were busy brewing & sipping and happened to miss them, here are some awesome things that Mr. Beer did in 2016.

  • 6 Craft Beer Kits that taste like your favorite craft beer

Seriously. Just like it. Mr. Beer designed 6 beer kits with craft beers' most popular flavor profiles in mind - and nailed it. Our American Lager, Northwest Pale Ale, Diablo IPA, Long Play IPA, Bewitched Amber Ale, and Churchills Nut Brown Ale have been bringing serious respect to homebrew this year. With 6 kit options, new brewers have the chance to brew up something that truly resembles what they usually order at the bar. Its no wonder that so many successful breweries are started/run by folks who began brewing with one of our small-but-mighty kits and got hooked.

  • A whole lot of Partial Mash recipes

Pretty sure we're at 22 for the year - and that's just the partial mash ones! In case you still don't know what on earth "Partial Mash" means, they are recipes that require some additional steps and fresh ingredients to get even more remarkable flavor from your beer. They may be too intimidating for first time brewers, but are still simple and time-efficient like all Mr. Beer brews. Curious whether you are interested in Partial Mash? Check out our reviews and Community Forum to see how folks are liking them.

  • A "craft" Malt Liquor recipe

Yup, and some folks got really snarky about it. But frankly, we are here to create countless enjoyable beer recipe options for our homebrewers, and if our brewers want to know what a malt liquor done right might taste like, we're here to bring it to them. Don't disregard this brew with a goofy name (Brown Bag Special) - our team actually found it light and tasty.

  • GABF [Great American Beer Festival] winner clones

Mr. Beer is always searching for opportunities to distribute rare, new beer flavors to homebrewers all over the nation. So, it made sense to choose two gold-medal beers from GABF 2016 to clone for our brewers. Even if you didn't make it to the festival this year, you can get a taste of what wowed the judges by brewing these clones (Austin Pils & Suava Java Cream Ale) from home.

  • Seriously tasty brewery collaborations

As mentioned in the last point, we are always in search of something new, with which to impress our homebrewers. We are attentive to up-and-coming craft breweries as they pop up all over the nation, and relish the chance to bring collaborative recipes from their brewery to your Little Brown Keg. This year we had the honor of working with Wavelength Brewing Co. (L.E.O. IPA), Catalina Brewing Co. (Mesquite Agave Ale), and Paladin Brewing Co. (Sir Kenneth Blonde Ale), and we look forward to many new collaborations in 2017.

  • Bringing homebrew to Tucson Beer Fest 2016

Again this year, we brought our favorite homebrew picks to Tucson's Beer Fest and wowed beer lovers who assumed we were a brewery. It feels great to serve beer beside breweries with serious talent, and shock folks with the news that the beer they are enjoying is so simple they can make it themselves with a kit! We've definitely got to do more community events like this one in 2017.