Congrats Kieth- April 2014 Brewer of the Month!

Thank you for picking me as the Brewer of the Month, it is quite an honor! Please see below for my story: Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself... I grew up in Union (Northern) New Jersey and lived there until I was 34 (2003). In 2001 I married my wonderful wife Domenica. We bought a house in Vineland,(Southern New Jersey) in August of 2003 and that is where we currently reside along with our beautiful 7 year old daughter Brianna. I am 45 years old and currently employed by The City of Vineland and have been a municipal employee within the state of New Jersey for 17 years.My hobbies consist of working out, muscle cars (I have a 1968 Olds 442 Convertible),sports (The Pittsburgh Steelers, The New York Rangers, New York Yankees and The Pittsburgh Pirates), playing the electric bass, and of course, home brewing. Q: How did you get into homebrewing? Hmm, how did I get into home brewing you ask...Well, it all started 2 weeks prior to Christmas 2012. My friend, Jim Cavaliero had shown me a Mr. Beer kit in a sales circular while we were on our lunch break. Wouldn't you know It, 2 days later while Christmas shopping with my wife and daughter at JC Penny I spotted a Premium Gold kit and my wife bought it for me for Christmas. I started brewing on December 26, 2012 and the first beer I made was the Cowboy Golden Lager. It was a big hit with friends and family, and it inspired me to keep brewing. With the assistance of Diane and Sam at Mr. Beer, The Community, You Tube, books, etc... I have brewed a total of 27 beers so far. I usually brew a batch about every 2 weeks consisting of either Mr. Beer HME, Briess LME or DME, LME, Booster, honey, fruit, hops, you name it. I usually rotate the styles between dark, amber and light so I have a well stocked assortment for me, my family and tasting buds. The yeast I use varies depending on the style from Mr. Beer, Sefale, Seflager, etc. My wife enjoys helping me brew and my daughter loves the way the house smells while I am brewing. Q: What is your favorite beer? I would say my favorite beer is Victory's Hop Devil. I have also gotten a few of my friends, Justin and Joe, into home brewing as well. It is a great hobby and it puts me in touch with my European heritage. Q: If you could share a beer with anyone, who would it be? If I could share a beer (or many) with anyone it would be Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head. What an inspiration and innovator to me and to all in the beer nation. Salut'-Cento Anni
Keith Reinbott
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