Congrats Peter Spearing - October 2013 Brewer of the Month!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself... I'm an old, tired computer nerd. I keep the computers working for the local Municipal Court, and sundry other stuff as needed. Working for the court is interesting and I like my coworkers, but working there combined with reading history has given me a somewhat cynical view of human nature. Weather permitting, I get to and from work and run short errands on a Segway. I live with 2 dogs, both mutts, 4 cats, my wife, my grandson, his wife, and their two little ones, one 3 years, the other one year old. I monitor fermentation temperatures with a Raspberry Pi.


I started brewing when my wife (who is probably nicer to me than I deserve) got me a Mr. Beer kit last Christmas. I've learned a lot since then, the most noteworthy thing being that the simple term "beer" covers a lot of territory, and that 2 beers can be a lot different from each other and both be really tasty.


Identifying one favorite beer is difficult--some days my mood and what I'm doing makes one more suitable than another. I like Gulden Draak a lot, but I also like Thirsty Dog's Citra Dog IPA. Among the Mr. Beer offerings I like the Spring Seasonal White IPA a lot, and Oktoberfest is another favorite. Q: Who would you most like to share a beer with? As to who I'd like to share a beer with, if we aren't restricted to people who are alive now, then Alan Turing would be high on the list, and Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace would be interesting. Dorothy L. Sayers might top the list. My mother's father, who died when I was quite young, was an interesting man--if I could sit down with him when he was in his 50s it would be a good conversation.   Among the living, the cast of "Mythbusters" would be fun and fascinating. By now you've probably concluded that the kindest possible term for me would be "eccentric". Like Popeye, I am what I am and that's all that I am. And I do like spinach.