Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kits

For this Thirsty Thursday we decided to do tasting notes on our own homebrews – the 6 new craft beer kits Mr. Beer just released. Though each of us had a clear favorite, we all seemed to banter on about things we'd add to each recipe, hops we might substitute, because that's the fun of our kits – creativity and customization. That being said, these 6 kits made seriously tasty beer, which doesn't demand modification. If you're a craft beer drinker who'd like for quality flavor to be more accessible, we'd suggest brewing these from your countertop.

American Lager Craft Beer Kit


Aroma We smelled sweet, biscuit malts balanced with floral/herbal hops.

Appearance Our Lager pours a gold, copper color, with a diminishing head.

Flavor Sweet, grainy malts; herbal, citrus hops, and clean yeast make a for a very drinkable beer.

Mouthfeel This beer is fizzy with a medium body, clean taste & crisp finish.

Overall Tasting NotesTrue to style – light hop flavor, easy to drink, all around great, light beer.

Northwest Pale Ale Craft Beer Kit


Aroma This one smells of sweet, toasty, biscuit malt with floral, leafy, citrus hops.

Appearance Copper color, clear and fizzy with a diminishing head.

Flavor Tastes like sweet, biscuit malt, and piney, bitter, citrus hops.

Mouthfeel Our pale ale goes down with a well-balanced flavor profile and a medium body.

Overall Tasting NotesThe team tastes a "good, mild, hop flavor," and a "bit o' biscuit, bit o' grain."

LP IPA Craft Beer Kit

Long Play IPA Craft Beer Kit

Aroma Sweet, biscuit malt; leafy, grassy hops; clean yeast; and, as one team member said, "popcorn?"

Appearance LP pours a gold color with hazy clarity and a bit of a diminishing head.

Flavor Grainy, biscuit malt plays well with the citrus, herbal hops flavors here.

Mouthfeel Light body.

Overall Tasting Notes"Nice hop bitterness," "hop aroma and flavor are more prevalent - herbal hop notes," "well rounded hop profile," and "great IPA, best beer by far" were the comments on this one.

Diablo IPA Craft Beer Kit


Aroma The Diablo IPA smells of caramel, biscuit malt, and earthy, spicy hops.

Appearance This copper red IPA has a fizzy, hazy clarity, and a diminishing head.

Flavor Tastes of toasty, biscuit malt; citrus, herbal, bitter hops; and clean yeast.

Mouthfeel Medium body.

Overall Tasting Notes"Similar to LP IPA, but with more maltiness and caramel notes," "caramelly IPA, nice bitter finish," "best beer so far out of our group with good heat retention and hop flavor," and "bitter & good."

Bewitched Amber Ale Craft Beer Kit


Aroma This one's got a honey, nutty aroma. There's sweet, caramel, biscuit malt; leafy hops; and clean yeast notes.

Appearance Our Amber Ale pours a clear, amber/root beer color with a diminishing head.

Flavor Excellent taste – nutty, biscuit malt; piney hops; clean yeast.

Mouthfeel Medium body.

Overall Tasting Notes"Minimal hops with a lot of flavor," "probably the best representation of the Mr.Beer brand,"and "great beer."

Churchills Nut Brown Ale Craft Beer Kit


Aroma Smells like nutty, caramel malt; earthy hops; clean yeast; or as one team member put it – "smells like sweet tarts."

Appearance A root beer-colored Brown Ale with a creamy, diminishing head.

Flavor The nutty, grainy, biscuit malt; and spicy, bitter hops blend well.

Mouthfeel Great, heavy body and head retention.

Overall Tasting Notes "Malty with nutty finish," and "nice, dark brown look; creamy, nutty, roasty."